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Duties and workflow of makeup artist?

Answer: 1 Love their job, have a strong sense of responsibility and service, work actively, work hard, be civilized and polite, require cleanliness, decent style, do not seek personal gain, under the leadership of the supervisor to serve every customer well.

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2 Proficient in the knowledge and operation procedures of makeup disc hair, have superb skills, familiar with various cosmetic products, the performance, characteristics and use of products to enlarge.

3 Master the prescribed makeup skills, study the development trend of makeup, constantly introduce new ones, and have the ability to accompany the assistant.

4 Smile service, polite and warm, take the initiative to greet customers, start with the word “please”, and “thank you” never leave the mouth. Patiently and meticulously ask the guest’s preferences and requirements, and try your best to serve them, so that the customer is satisfied, and send greetings when sending the guest off. Avoid going to work with emotions and arguing with the guest.

5 Make sure your appearance is clean, make up for work, pay attention to professional ethics, and provide civilized service. Keep your mouth clear. When making up, you can’t face customers breathing. Maintain a high level of makeup technology and maintain the reputation of the studio.

6 Responsible for keeping and using cosmetic products. Wash the set of brush puffs every day. At the same time, save the use of cosmetic products. For easily damaged cosmetics (such as lipstick and glue), keep them properly. Those that can be reused must be stored after use to avoid unnecessary waste. Propose purchasing suggestions for cosmetic products and keep the makeup table tidy and clean.

7 Abide by discipline, take care of official duties, strictly implement the rules and regulations of the studio, and are not allowed to leave without permission. Do not do anything unrelated to this position during working hours.

8 Makeup artists should take the initiative to introduce themselves and introduce makeup procedures during work, and pay attention to soliciting customer opinions.

9 Have a good work ethic, look focused when making up, and move briskly and skillfully. According to the customer’s requirements, according to the customer’s face shape, temperament and hair density, carefully and meticulously make the guest’s ideal shape.

10. Each makeup artist who keeps headgear, jewelry, wigs, hand gauze and gloves must register the supplies used this month by classification, color separation, and old and new in order to replenish the lost or broken ones.

11. Every time the bride changes her headgear, she requires the makeup artist or makeup artist or makeup assistant to put it back in its original place in time, and must not put it on the dressing table or throw it casually.

12. Makeup artists must collectively study the matching of dress matching and headgear every month, and coordinate the matching of various headgear of white yarn and color yarn. If there are not enough styling supplies, write a shopping list in time and hand it over to the manager to buy them back in time. It shall not affect the styling due to short goods.

13. For old or damaged headgear, wigs, jewelry, veil and gloves, clean them up in time. If they can be cleaned, hand them over to the laundryman or clean them yourself. If they are too old, please sign and replace them with the supervisor.

14. The headgear, jewelry, wigs, veil and gloves must be neatly and orderly, organized and easy to pick and place.

15. Makeup artists are not allowed to rummage around when picking up styling supplies, so as not to mess up the supplies. Change the used cosmetics out of an empty box, and sign the collection date and quantity.

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