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During the day, apply skin care products several times, it is best?

It is like this. Generally, after each cleansing of the face, you must repeat the maintenance procedure. To put it bluntly, you have to apply skin care products once you wash your face, but generally wash your face twice in the morning and evening. Some people will increase the number of times they wash their face in summer or when they sweat a lot, but generally speaking, it should not exceed 4 times a day at most. In any case, remember to apply skin care products after washing your face, and do not expose your skin directly to air pollution, ultraviolet rays, and dry environments.

how often shoudl you do a skin care routine

What are the steps of the skin care procedure?

The correct order of skin care steps is as follows: 1. Cleansing, make a rich foam of the cleansing milk, apply it to the face for circular rubbing. For oily skin, it is recommended to use the facial cleanser once in the morning and once in the evening, for dry skin, it is recommended to use it once in the evening, and wash your face with water in the morning. 2. Wipe your face. After cleansing, use a disposable towel or sponge to gently…

3. Toner, apply toner after drying, and pat lightly until fully absorbed. 4. Essence, apply facial essence and eye essence for eye massage. 5. Lotion or cream, in hot seasons, it is best to use the lotion after the essence to prevent moisture from evaporating. The skin is easy to dry in autumn and winter. It is recommended to use a

skin care routine with strong moisturizing properties?

Skin care steps: cleanse your face first and do a good job of cleaning your skin; use toner to replenish moisture and cleanse your skin twice; use essence to promote the absorption of nutrients in subsequent skin care products; then choose to use lotion or cream according to your skin condition to lock in skin moisture.

1. Cleansing. Use suitable cleansing products according to your skin type to clean your skin well. If you have the habit of makeup, you should also use makeup remover products to completely remove makeup before using cleansing products.

2. Toner. After washing your face, use a toner, which can quickly replenish moisture. It can also be cleaned again to restore the pH value on the surface of the skin, and condition the stratum corneum to make the skin better absorb, and prepare for the use of skin care products.

3. Serum. Serum is used after toner. Serum contains a variety of functional ingredients, which can relieve the discomfort of the skin and open the pore channel of the skin to promote the absorption of nutrients in subsequent skin care products.

4. Lotion or cream. Choose to use lotion or cream according to the skin condition, which can effectively help lock in the moisture of the skin.

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