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During the CE certification process, what are the requirements for nameplates?

The nameplate must have the manufacturer’s name, address, product name, model, year of manufacture, weight of equipment, main technical parameters and CE marking. The height of the CE marking is not less than 5mm. There are no strict requirements for size, just the equipment that suits you.

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Businesses who often export will know that electronic and electrical products exported to the European Union need to be CE certified. Different products have different requirements for applying for CE certification.

For the CE certification of general digital products, simply provide the product name, model, and simple input and output parameters to complete the CE certification.

For machinery CE certification requirements, there is more information, and more key parts lists and CE nameplates need to be provided. Extended information:

First of all, CE certification is the certification of European Union countries, so the nameplate must have English information, not all Chinese information.

Secondly, the nameplate of the mechanical CE certification standard should include the following aspects:

1, product name 2, main test model 3, total power 4, output parameters: voltage, current, phase 5, product size, weight 6, manufacturer information 7, CE label that meets vector requirements

The difference between bastion host and Internet behavior management?

Bastion host and Internet behavior management are two different security management technologies, with the following differences:

1. Different purposes: bastion host is mainly used to control the remote access of the server, prevent illegal intrusion and attack, and conduct security audit and management of the server; while Internet behavior management is mainly used to monitor and manage the Internet behavior of employees within the enterprise to standardize the network behavior of employees.

2. Objects are different: bastion host is mainly used to manage the server, while Internet behavior management is mainly used to manage the employees within the enterprise.

3. Different technical means: bastion host usually uses strong authentication and authorization mechanisms, such as multi-factor authentication, password policies, etc., to ensure the security of the server; while online behavior management usually uses technical means such as network monitoring software and filters to monitor and manage employees’ online behavior in real time.

4. Different application scenarios: bastion host is mainly used in server management, cloud computing and other fields of enterprises; while online behavior management is mainly used in network management, information security and other fields within enterprises.

To sum up, bastion host and online behavior management are two different security management technologies, each with its own applicable scenarios and purposes. Enterprises can choose the security management technology that suits their needs and circumstances.

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