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[Dry goods] How to improve the weight of Douyin, and what factors are related to it?

Factors related to weight:

weight management and control click

First: account number

Including the information integrity of your account, whether it has been verified by real name, and whether the account information is true. Remember that any nickname and avatar with advertisements will reduce the weight of the account. All information with illegal information, Douyin will not recommend it to you.

The second: video

1, work

A, video quality

Video first and foremost is to be original, and now don’t think about moving bricks. In the case of ensuring originality, secondly, ensure that the video has no code in high definition, and don’t keep thinking about adding any watermarks.

B, verticality

is the video related to your industry. For example, if you are in the clothing industry, you should send clothing products. Don’t send clothing today or movie clips tomorrow.

C, creative sustainability

The simple point is to publish videos continuously every day or on a regular basis.

2, likes, comments, and retweets.

Douyin’s recommendation mechanism is that the amount of recommendations you make this round is determined by the previous round of recommendation feedback. That is to say, when you publish your work, the system will give you a basic recommendation amount, but whether to continue recommending it to you next time depends on how many people liked, commented and forwarded you in the previous round.

Douyin owned account operation:

1. Guarantee one card, one machine, one number. Douyin is currently under strict control, especially now that many studios use machines to operate in batches. In order to avoid this situation, Douyin has increased the detection of Douyin accounts. So we must not get multiple Douyin accounts to switch on one mobile phone. If you operate multiple Douyin accounts on one mobile phone, it may be recognized by the system, so Douyin will define you as a marketing account, and naturally will not recommend you.

2. Remember to improve the basic information of Douyin before releasing the work when playing Douyin, set a clear avatar, write a personal profile related to your field, and remember not to leave third-party information, and watermarks are not allowed.

3. If there are headlines, third-party accounts such as Volcano can be bound. Usually, the longer the registration time, the higher the weight.

4. Remember not to publish works within 3 days for the newly registered Douyin account. We can first follow 2 or 3 popular accounts, and then browse, like, and comment.

5. Follow about 20 accounts with fewer fans in the same city. Browse, like, and comment. Following the same city account is more conducive to improving the weight of the account.

6. Watch the recommended nearby videos every day, enter the Douyin homepage, watch more than 5 recommended videos, and by the way, you can watch the nearby audio

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