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drwu brush acid skin care sequence?

After washing your face → → toner → → amygdalic acid essence → → toner pat again → → lotion, cream, etc.

dr v skin care routine

Amygdalic acid essence is astringent, try to replenish water when using it, otherwise molting may occur, because the skin is too dry! (It is recommended to use it with DR. WU hyaluronic acid moisturizing water.)

If amygdalic acid is used, it is recommended to use anti-sai (DR. WU anti-sai is recommended) during the day, regardless of whether there are outdoor activities or not.

Use a normal cleansing milk when washing your face, don’t use a too strong cleansing mask, (the cost-effective UNT cleansing is recommended).

How to use drg sunscreen?

1. Cleansing the face: Before applying sunscreen, wash the face with cleansing products or warm water to ensure that the surface of the skin is clean.

2. Apply sunscreen: Apply an appropriate amount of sunscreen to the forehead, nose, cheeks, chin, ears and neck respectively. Be careful to apply it fully, not just on the part.

3. Sequence of application: Apply the forehead, nose and cheeks first, as these areas are usually exposed to direct sunlight; then apply the chin and neck; and finally apply the sunscreen around the ears.

4. Pay attention to the strength: There is no need to use excessive force. Appropriate and gentle pressing allows the sunscreen to absorb better and will not make the skin feel tingling.

5. Reapply sunscreen: If you are outdoors, you need to reapply sunscreen often, especially when swimming or sweating. When reapplying, you need to gently wipe the sweat off the face with facial tissue or cotton pad before reapplying.

How to use DR amygdalic acid?

First, how to use amygdalic acid

6% concentration can be used every day, morning and evening, but you must do a good job of sun protection during the day.

18% concentration is recommended to use 1 break 1, that is, wipe it the next night. It is recommended to wipe it partially. It is not impossible to use 18% of the whole face. You can use it to whiten and brighten the complexion as a whole, but do not use it every day for the whole face. Use it occasionally. Please do a good job of moisturizing when using it. Be careful not to use too much. About 4 drops can be used for the whole face.

Then again, it is recommended not to match with other acne products. Try to be gentle and moisturizing, such as A acid salicylic acid and snail ingredients.

Order of use: makeup remover, after cleaning → almond acid essence → makeup water → other essences → lotion → or cream → sun protection isolation

As a sensitive skin, use 6% almond acid without tingling, the effect is mild, and it can be used every day! Almond acid 6% lipophilic fruit acid, can gently metabolize old waste keratin to close the mouth, penetrate deep into the pores to remove blackheads, and play the role of skin replacement.

Second, brush acid must be best moisturized and sunscreen. Don’t forget

Because I have used a bottle and done a lot of homework, so let’s talk about the correct use steps: After cleansing, use amygdalic acid directly, pay attention to the dosage cannot be saved, and use a half dropper each time! If there is acne, you can strengthen it locally and apply it where you need it. As the first step after cleansing, it can improve the absorption effect of subsequent skin care products. After brushing the acid, use makeup water, press an appropriate amount of hyaluronic acid moisturizing serum on the palm of your hand, pat and press on the whole face and neck, and follow up with moisturizing lotions and creams. You must remember to apply sunscreen after morning skin care

Feeling of use: 6% amygdalic acid is relatively mild. I have not used exfoliating products much before. After brushing the acid, you can obviously feel that the skin care products are easier to absorb

DR. WU amygdalic acid is bright and cleansing mousse. When I bought back amygdalic acid, I saw that there was a gift box in the amygdalic acid series, so I collected it together. For DR. WU’s packaging really can’t say enough. I like it~ Not only the packaging is good-looking, but the things are also easy to

A small bottle of this cleansing mousse, it is very convenient to carry on business trips or travel. When pressed out, it is a dense foam, eliminating the need for the step of using a foaming net! The foam is very dense, and it feels great to use! The upper face is mild and non-irritating. After washing the face, the excess oil is gone, but it will not feel dry! The moisturizing effect is still very good~ Because it contains amygdalic acid ingredients, it can effectively clean away old waste keratin and acne, and brighten the skin tone! In addition, amino acid cleansing ingredients, gentle cleaning without drying and not tight!

Third, there are also precautions for using amygdalic acid

1. Due to different skin types, some MM will have peeling and acne, which is normal.

The principle of almonds is to accelerate the process of acne and acne to mature and expel quickly. Pay attention to moisturizing and sunscreen, and it will slowly disappear. SO must do your homework before buying. Don’t worry when popping beans, continue to wipe, and then do a good job of moisturizing, and it will get better slowly. It is recommended to match with moisturizing essence

2. If amygdalic acid drips on your hands and then wipes your face, then remember to wash your hands after wiping, otherwise your hands will peel off!

3. Another key point is that some mm amygdalic acid will peel off. If it is not particularly serious, then please cooperate with hyaluronic acid essence to strengthen moisturizing, and replenish more hyaluronic acid essence will be fine.

But if the skin is very, very sensitive, and there is inflammation and red skin in itself, and the peeling is more serious, then stop using amygdalic acid, moisturize first, and use hyaluronic acid essence.

4. At the same time as using amygdalic acid, do not exfoliate, and be sure to do a good job of moisturizing and sun protection.

5. Use amygdalic acid. After the acne and acne marks on the skin are cured, it is recommended to stop using it for a period of time before using it. If you don’t have acne and just want to whiten and brighten, it is also recommended to stop using it for a period of time for one month.

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