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Drop skin care products into water?

Water test lotion In autumn and summer, many people often use lotion to replace face cream, but lotion often contains a small amount of oilstone ester, which is easy to clog pores, causing dry skin and lack of water, and pores will gradually become larger over time. Test whether it contains oilstone ester, and a cup of water can get the result. Pour the appropriate lotion into the water, such as the lotion floating on the water, prove that it contains oilstone ester, and then shake it gently. If the liquid turns milky white, it means that the lotion contains emulsifiers. Emulsifiers are surfactants, which can damage the tissue structure of the skin, cause skin sensitivity, and have strong carcinogenicity. On the contrary, if poured into water, the lotion sinks to the bottom, proving that it does not contain oilstone ester, and consumers can use it with peace of mind. Ms. Qin also introduced an extremely simple method of testing for lead. Before using a cosmetic, try it on the back of your hand or the root of your ear. These two parts are the most sensitive areas for human perception. After applying evenly, rub the silver ring (other silver products can also be replaced) on the application area with a little force. If it appears black or has light black marks, it means that it contains heavy metals such as lead. Otherwise, don’t worry. Lipsticks all contain lead. When choosing lipsticks, try to find those with less lead, and the less the better. However, how can you know the amount of lead in lipsticks? You can also use this method to judge: when buying a lipstick, apply the lipstick sample to the back of your hand, then rub it with a silver ring, and observe the color change of the lipstick while grinding. If the lipstick turns black, it indicates that the lipstick contains lead. The darker the black, the greater the lead content. Iodine can distinguish the antioxidant function. Peeled apples will turn yellow when exposed to air, and iron will rust when exposed to air for a long time. This is the result of air oxidation. Our skin is also oxidized when exposed to air. Therefore, recently there has been a saying that antioxidant is anti-aging. At present, many products are also emphasizing their antioxidant function. Whether the product has such an effect can be tested with a few drops of iodine. First, pour some water into a transparent glassware, and drip iodine into the water. The ratio of iodine to water is about 1:50. Shake well and put a little of the products that need to be tested, such as toner and facial cleanser, in it. Stir well. If the product is fully dissolved with the liquid and the water returns to clarity and transparency, it indicates that it has antioxidant function. If the water cannot be reduced or turned black, it proves that the skin will continue to be oxidized by the air after using such skin care products. In serious cases, oxidation will be exacerbated. Cosmetic allergy experiment Improper use of cosmetics can lead to allergies. Many people have encountered the troubles caused by improper use of cosmetics. In fact, the skin allergy test method of cosmetics is very simple. First wet a cloth with distilled water or normal saline, twist it until half dry, and fold it into 4 layers of about 1 cm square size. Apply the cosmetics to one side of the cloth, then apply it to the inside of the forearm or normal skin on the back, then cover it with airtight cellophane or plastic film, and fix it with tape. After 24 to 48 hours of observation, if the test site does not have any symptoms, it indicates that the cosmetics are non-irritating to the skin and are relatively safe. If the test area is itchy or burning, it indicates that the cosmetics are irritating to the skin, indicating that the cosmetics must not be used. Remove the test object in time and rinse with water.

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