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dow What is the meaning of Internet language?

1. English abbreviation: DOW, full English name: disposalofwastes, Chinese explanation: waste disposal


2. English abbreviation: DOW, full English name: DowJonesaverage, Chinese explanation: Dow Jones average

3. The English abbreviation “DOW” is often used as an abbreviation for “DayOfWeek”, which means “day of the week” in Chinese.

4. English abbreviation DOW, full English name: DryOperatingWeight (aviation), Chinese meaning: DryOperating Weight (aviation)

Professional term for maritime operations?

Common Shipping Terms

BookingNumber: Booking Number

Vessel: Ship Name

Voyage: Voyage

CYClosingDATE: Closure Date, Closing Date

closingDate/Time: Closure Date

SICUTOFFDate/time: Closure Bill of Lading Replenishment Date/Time

Expirydate: Validity Period, Expiration Date

SailingDate/Ship Departure Date

ETA (ESTIMATEDTIMEOFARRIVAL): Estimated Arrival Time, Arrival Date



Portofloading (POL): Port of Loading

Loadingport: Port of Loading

FromCity: Place of Departure

EXP (export): Export

Finaldestination: Port of Destination, Final Destination

PlaceofDelivery (POD) or ToCity: Destination, Place of Delivery

Portofdischarge: Port of Unloading

Dischargeport: Port of Unloading

LoadPort: Port of Unloading

Dry: Dry/Free of Liquid or Moisture


Cargotype: cargo type

containernumber: container number

container: container

specificcargocontainer: special cargo container

Numberofcontainer: number of containers

containerSize: container size

CU. FT: Cubic Feet

ContStatus: Container Condition

sealNumber: Seal Number

sealNo: Seal Number

sealType: Seal Type

Weight: Weight

Grossweight: Total Weight (generally including cabinet weight and cargo weight)

NetWeight: Net Weight

Actualweight: Actual weight, total weight after loading of trucks, containers, etc.

Laden: Heavy Cabinet

remarks: Remarks

remarksforTerminal: Yard/Terminal Remarks

piaceofreceipt: Receipt Location

Commodity: Goods Name

Intended: Expected

ETD: Estimated Shipping Date

BookingNO: SO Number/Booking Number

Shipper: Shipper

ContainerNo (Number): Container Number

EquipmentNumber: Container Number

ReeferTetails: Freezer Parameters

contact: contact person, contact information

contactperson: contact person

intendedfclcontainerdeliveryCUT-OFF: specified time for re-container delivery, deadline for packing and FCL delivery

intendedshippinginstructionCUT-OFF: specified documents Customs Clearance Time, Shipping Instructions Deadline

DOCCUT-OFF: Document Clearance Time (may not be specified, according to the general rules of the shipping company)

As specified above)

Cargonature: Type of Cargo






servicecontractNO: Service Contract Number,


SICUT: Cut off Bill of Lading replenishment or cut off

BKGStaff: BKG is short for Booking, that is Booking Officer

RegionalBKG #: Booking Area,

SalesRep: Sales Representative

BILLofLading #: Bill of Lading Number, Bill of Lading Plan


EmptyPickupCY: Empty Cabinet Location

EmptyPickupDate: Empty Cabinet Time, valid period

PreCarrier: Preload

Est. ArrivalDate: EIS Arrival Time

CYCUT: Customs Clearance Time

CYopen: FCL Opening Time

Portofdelivery: Port of Delivery

ReceiveTerm: Receiving Term

DeliveryTerm: Delivery Term

OceanRouteType: Shipping Route Type, mostly Indian Ocean Route Type

EQType/Q’ty: Number of Containers, Type EQ is Abbreviation for Equipment

Address: Address

Specialcargoinformation: Special Cargo Information

Pleaseseeattached, ifexists: If available, please see attached file/If available, please refer to Accessories

Shipper’s owncontainer: Shipper’s own container

Dangerous: Dangerous or dangerous goods/danger signs

Internal: Central, internal

Released: Release, release

MT means ton, English called METRETONE

Customer: Customer

FCLfullcontainerload: FCL


LCLlessthancontainerload: LCL, LCL


Trucker: Towing company/transportation company

TractorNO: License plate number


Depot: Pickup Location

PickupLocation: Pickup Location

Stuffing: Loading Location

Terminal: Return Location

ReturnLocation: Delivery Location

FullContainerAddress: Return Cabinet Location

revised: Modified, corrected, revised

Size/Type: Cabinet Size Size/Type

DischargePort: Unloading Port

Destination: Destination

SpecialType: Special Cabinet

S/ONo: Booking Number

ShippingOrderNo.: Waybill Number

Temp: Temperature

Vent: Ventilation

Humidity: Humidity

PTI: Inspection

Genset: Generator

Instruction: Loading Instructions

SpecialRequirements: Special Requirements

GWT: (Gross Weight of Cargo) Weight Limit/Cabinet, Generally Total Weight of Cabinet and Cargo

SOC: Owner’s Container

FeederVessel/Lighter: Barge Voyage

WT (weight): Weight

G. W. (grossweight): Gross Weight

N. W. ( Netweight): Net Weight

MAX (maximum): Maximum, Maximum

MIN (minimum): Minimum, Minimum

M or MED (medium): Medium, Intermediate

P/L (packinglist): packing list, schedule

The container door of the shipping company says in English:

1. GROSSWT71, 650LB. 32,500KG

Gross weight/The total weight indicating the sum of the cabinet weight and the weight of the cargo that can be loaded is 71,650 pounds or 32,500 kilograms

2. PAYLOAD60, 850LB. 27600KG

Payload/indicates the maximum allowable weight of the cabinet, 27600kg

but does not mean that the goods in transit can be loaded that much

3. TAREWT. 10, 800LB4, 900KG

Deduction of body weight/indicates the cabinet’s own weight of 4900kg

4. CUBE3, 040CU. FT. 86.0CU. M

cubic/indicates the inner volume that the cabinet can be loaded, that is, the maximum volume that can be loaded is 3040 cubic feet or 6 cubic meters

5. MAX. G. W. 30. 480KGS67. 200LBS

Gross weight/Indicates the total weight of the cabinet and the weight of the goods that can be loaded 30480 kg

6. TARE4. 850KGS10. 690LBS

Deduction of body weight/Indicates the weight of the cabinet itself 4850 kg

7. MAX. C. W25. 630KGS56. 510LBS

Payload/Indicates the maximum allowable weight of the cabinet, 25630 kg But does not mean that the goods in transit can be loaded that much

8. CU. CAP. 86. 0CU. M3, 040CU. FT.

cubic/indicates the maximum volume of the cabinet that can be loaded 86 cubic meters

9. MGW. 32,500KGS71.650LBS

gross weight/indicates the total weight of the cabinet and the weight of the goods that can be loaded 32,500 kg

10. NET. 28,600KGS63.050LBS

net weight/payload/indicates the maximum weight of the cabinet that can be loaded, 28,600 kg but does not mean that the goods in transit can be loaded that heavy

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