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Douyin just registered skin care number, how to modify the information?

To modify the information of Douyin skin care number, you can follow the steps below: 1. Open the Douyin app, enter the homepage, and click the I icon in the lower right corner. 2. On the personal page, click the Edit Information button in the upper right corner. 3. On the Edit Information page, you can modify the avatar, nickname, gender, profile and other information. You can also click More options to modify more detailed personal information. 4. Click the Save button to confirm the modification.

when to change your skin care routine

Correct steps for confinement skin care?

1. Use gentle skin care products during confinement and pay attention to skin moisturization, because the hormones in the body will change after childbirth, which is prone to dry and dull skin.

2. Women should have enough sleep after childbirth, do not be tired, and pay attention to rest. If the mother does not rest well, the skin will be dull, acne, and dry.

3. During confinement, the mother should maintain a good mood. A comfortable mood is also very good for the skin.

4. You should also pay attention to diet conditioning. Eating more foods containing protein and vitamins can increase the elasticity of the skin and is conducive to the health of the skin.

What brand of skin care products is clinique?

Clinique refers to Clinique, a skin care and makeup brand owned by Estée Lauder. Clinique is best known for the three steps of basic skin care. From the beginning of the brand to the present, the “three steps of Clinique skin care” has never changed.

In 1967, Dr. Norman Orentreich, a dermatologist in New York, said in an interview that the correct skin care routine can improve the condition of the skin. Women can keep their skin healthy by cleansing; cleaning the skin; balancing water and oil, while also emphasizing the importance of sun protection. This theory has been promoted by the entire makeup industry.

In 1968, Clinique, a safe, effective, high-end cosmetic brand formulated by dermatologists and tested for allergy, came out 100% fragrance-free. It also launched the “Three Steps for Skin Care” product, a cleansing soap with cleansing effect, a cleansing water for cleaning the skin layer (there are suitable formulas for all types of skin), and a special moisturizing body lotion with moisturizing effect. It will become Clinique’s star product in the future, and an indispensable skin care product for every beautiful woman.

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