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Double 11 skin care products must-buy list?

1. MOMFACE is moist.

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This is an internationally renowned maternity brand, specially created for pregnant women, and skin care products are known for their safety and mildness. Don’t worry about the safety of raw materials, because its raw materials are selected from non-GMO high-quality ingredients, and are also professionally developed according to the skin characteristics of Asian women during pregnancy and childbirth, and have been identified by a very authoritative authority. The result is that no harmful ingredients such as alcohol, mineral oil, heavy metals, hormones, dyes, etc. are added, so you can use it with confidence during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

2, Basq.

This is a brand from the United States and a very famous skin care product designed for pregnant women. The product is rich in Omega369, which can effectively restore the skin elasticity of pregnant women. Great pregnant women no longer have to be afraid of sagging and sagging skin in order to produce!

3. Clarins.

Clarins is recommended because its skin care products are taken from plant extracts and are very safe, so they are suitable for pregnant women. It can also remove stretch marks! However, the price may be very expensive due to the exquisite packaging. Everyone should consider their own financial ability before purchasing.

A must-have list of baby skin care products?

1. Baby moisturizer. Due to the large gap between skin cells in newborns, they cannot lock in moisture, which can easily lead to dry and dehydrated skin. In addition, the baby has a large amount of body fluid exchange and less sebum secretion. It is very likely that the skin will burst due to the loss of skin moisture.

2. Baby Eczema Balm. When you find that the baby has a rash and small red particles have appeared, and the situation is not too serious, you should apply eczema balm to the baby to prevent the situation from expanding.

Canadian Skin Care Products Must-Buy List?

1, QUO

Canadian makeup brands, only sold at shoppers, are affordable and have a good reputation. The star products are makeup brushes, liquid eyeliner and lip gloss.


Goat milk is a brand that was only noticed in the 1990s, jointly run by the founders Andrebeauregard and Andree Falardeau. The reason was that the guests at that time hoped that someone could help them make their favorite goat-scented soap, and the 2004 lip balm also became a best-selling signature product, making it irresistible.

3, DERMALtherapy

A skin care product brand based on urea, which goes beyond the concept of general skin care products and has a therapeutic effect on extreme dryness and chapping. The signature products are hand, elbow, knee cream, foot cream and armor cream.

4. Annabelle

The makeup designer of Annabelle and Macelle is Julie Begin from Montreal, who is also a makeup consultant for MAC. Both brands are cosmetic brands owned by Marcelle. Annabelle is aimed at the young girl market.

5. Marcelle

is aimed at the market of professional women, and there is a skin care series, which is slightly higher than Annabelle. The skin care product series recommended by the Canadian Dermatology Association can definitely be used with confidence.

6. Nudestix

Lazy and don’t want to move, one product can help you complete all the steps? The Nudestix crayon is such a magical product. It can draw eyeliner and eyebrows. It is the work of two Canadian supermodels and chemical engineers, so it is conceivable that it is very simple to use.

7, B. Kamins

If it is the most Canadian cosmetic, except for B. Kamins I can’t think of the second one. Its unique ingredient is maple pulp.

8, BiteBeauty

Always see this product at INS? BiteBeauty is actually a Toronto brand. Their cosmetics are of very high quality, food grade, natural and healthy, and yes, edible cosmetics.

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