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Dog sudden neck several thick dander, hair loss, bleeding, what is the disease, how to treat?

The incidence of canine skin disease is high, about 10-20% of clinical cases are skin problems.

Canine skin disease has many etiologies, complex symptoms, long course of disease, and difficulty in diagnosis and treatment. Here is a brief introduction to several common clinical skin problems. Exoparasites, fleas, lice, and ticks are common exoparasites on the dog’s body surface. They bite the dog’s skin, suck blood, cause itching of the dog’s skin, and the coat is rough. In severe cases, the dog’s whole body sheds hair, weak anemia, and the saliva and excrement of its mouthparts can also cause allergic dermatitis in dogs. Diagnosis is mainly based on the discovery of live bugs on the dog’s body surface, flea feces and lice eggs at the hair roots, and sudden itching, licking, and barking in dogs. Treatment includes topical insecticide solution deworming, oral flea medicine, subcutaneous injection of ivermectin, and anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory treatment. Commonly used drugs include Melia’s “Flein” drops, Novartis’s “nemesis” Du flea oral medicine, and some reliable quality insect repellent collars and external bath liquids. Usually pay attention to environmental cleanliness, regularly disinfect and kill insects, and use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the eggs in the gaps and corners of the floor. Skin mite infections are mainly divided into two types: Demodex mites and scabies mites. Demodex infections are mainly manifested as hair follicle redness, pustules, and hair removal. Initially, it starts around the eyes, upper and lower jaws, and lips. It does not itch at first, and in severe cases, it spreads to the neck, extremities, lower abdomen, and medial femur, causing skin redness, hair removal, sebum overflow, dander loss, small abscesses, itchy, thickened, and pigmented skin. The main manifestations of scabies mite infection are severe itching of the skin, hair removal, thickening of the skin, and pigmentation. Diagnosis mainly relies on skin scraping to check under a microscope, and worms and larvae can be seen. However, it should be noted that there may also be a small amount of Demodex in the skin of normal dogs, which must be diagnosed in combination with clinical symptoms. If a dog has severe systemic Demodex infection, it may be related to its genetic poor resistance to Demodex, and the dog should not be used for breeding. Treatment is mainly subcutaneous injection of ivermectin (note that collie shepherds are prohibited, which is easy to cause poisoning), systemic anti-inflammatory, and topical anti-inflammatory and mite-killing bath solution. Shorthi, dachshund, starling and other short-haired dogs have breed susceptibility to mites, which should be noted. Canine dermatomycosis, commonly known as ringworm, is the most common skin disease in dogs. The main pathogens are Microsporum canis and Microsporum gypsum. The disease is a contact infection, zoonotic, susceptible to young age, aging, emaciation and immune deficiency. The most typical symptoms are hair removal, round scaly spots; there are also no hair removal, no dandruff but local papules, pustules or erythematous depilatory spots or nodules. Due to the diversity of its lesions, it is easy to confuse with other skin diseases. Diagnosis mainly relies on microscopic examination for fungal spores, Wood’s lamp examination or fungal culture. Dermatomycosis treatment is mainly topical application and systemic medication. Topical medications include clotrimazole, ketoconazole, ringworm, etc. Systemic medications include ringworm oral tablets, Novartis’ “health care” oral tablets, and anti-inflammatory and anti-ringworm bath liquids; and some traditional Chinese medicine bath liquids, etc. The treatment of fungi mainly pays attention to: ① prevent the spread and infection to other animals or people. ② Adhere to the medication to prevent recurrence. It is still necessary to use the medication for 1-2 weeks after the skin surface symptoms are fully recovered. ③ Pay attention to environmental disinfection. For dog utensils and kennels, drugs can be used: such as 0. 5% sulfide lime solution, 0. 5% chlorhexidine solution scrubbing and soaking. For metal cages, you can also use flame blowtorch burning, etc. Bacterial infection of canine skin, also known as puppy pyoderma. Most cases of pathogen Clinical manifestations are skin pyoderma, small pustules, folliculitis, skin wrinkles and dry pyoderma. Diagnosis mainly depends on skin smear, bacterial culture and drug susceptibility test. Treatment according to bacterial culture and drug susceptibility test results to choose local topical antibacterial drugs and systemic antibiotics. Generally, erythromycin, metronidazole, gentamicin solution, Baiduobang ointment, etc. can be applied externally. At the same time, antibiotics can be injected throughout the body, such as: lincomycin, Baili, cephalosporin, etc., or oral cephalexin, clavulanic acid-amoxicillin, etc. The incidence of German Shepherds, Damai, Shar Pei, Great Dane, Dachshund is high. Skin allergic reactions are divided into acute allergic reactions and chronic allergic reactions. Acute allergic reactions often occur immediately after oral or injection of drugs or ingestion of certain sensitive proteins, the face, limbs are red and swollen, pimples and itching all over the body, and some serious cases may also appear shortness of breath or even shock death. Chronic allergic reactions can be manifested as redness, papules, itching, skin hair loss all over the body, and some are accompanied by chronic otitis (redness, swelling, exudation in the ear) and vomiting and diarrhea symptoms. Clinically, skin allergies are mainly chronic allergies or local reactions. The main reasons are: ① Exoparasites: fleas, lice, ticks’ mouthparts, saliva, and excrement allergies. ② Skin mite allergy. ③ External contact allergies, such as dust, pollen, plants, chemical fiber fabrics, and some even bath allergies. ④ Food allergy. The causes of canine allergies are more complicated and difficult to diagnose. The general treatment methods are to stop contact with all suspicious allergies (including suspicious foods), deworming and mite removal, applying anti-allergic and anti-itching drugs, such as appropriate dexamethasone or prednisone and chlormine, etc., and choosing hypoallergenic foods such as Hills prescription food d/d, etc. There are three common types of endocrine dysfunction clinically; ① Excess estrogen, more common in pregnant bitches before and after delivery, bitches with ovarian cysts, symmetrical hair removal on both sides of the back, occasional pimples and itching, and severe pigmentation. Hair removal before and after delivery of pregnant bitches generally subsides without treatment; bitches with ovarian cysts are generally recommended to have ovarian uterine removal. ② Hyperplasia of the adrenal gland, also known as Cushing’s disease. The causes are spontaneous factors, such as tumors (high incidence of long-haired and curly-haired dogs); iatrogenic factors (such as long-term high-dose injection of cortisol). Main manifestations: symmetrical hair removal, abnormal appetite, abdominal enlargement and excessive drinking and polyuria. The hair removal sites include the neck, trunk, perineum and abdomen. Most of the hair on the body with serious illness is shed, leaving only the head and limbs. The skin shrinks and easily forms folds, and the color of the hair follicles turns black and becomes blackheads. Some skin has abnormal calcium deposits, scabs, and recovery is difficult. Diagnosis mainly depends on the determination of the level of cortisol in the plasma, and stimulation and inhibition tests. The actual clinical diagnosis is mainly based on the specific changes of the skin and the changes of the functional state of the whole body. Treatment The main drug treatment, the implementation of surgical removal of tumors diagnosed by X-ray examination. ③ Hypothyroidism. German Shepherd, Irish Setter, Boxer and Afghan dogs are more common, usually occurs in 4-10 years old. Sick dogs are prone to fatigue, sleep, weight gain, dry fur, symmetrical large number of hair loss, increased pigmentation, seborrhea and itching, hair regeneration disorder. Severe cases of skin thickening due to mucoedema, the most obvious above the eye, neck and shoulder dorsal side. Diagnosis The main determination of the concentration of T4 in serum. Treatment with thyroxine replacement therapy. Nutritional deficiencies are mainly the lack of protein, minerals, certain vitamins and trace elements. The main manifestations of skin scale increase, itching, hair loss. It is more common in dogs with a single diet and malnutrition. Treatment mainly includes: changing to nutritionally balanced foods such as dog food, oral supplementation of nutritional cream, beauty oil, Bamibao, etc., and some trace elements should be supplemented with zinc. Other external factors such as unreasonable bathing: too many times or the wrong bath. Under normal circumstances, it is appropriate to wash with shampoo every 5-7 days in summer and every 7-10 days in winter, and it should be washed with dog shampoo. It is best to use bath liquid produced by imported or large manufacturers, and its quality and pH can be guaranteed. There are also some skin injuries that the owner has not found, such as: spots, burns, scalds or contact with irritating substances, which should be taken to the hospital for timely treatment. In short, the consultation of canine skin diseases should be thorough, the inspection should be careful, and microscopic examination must be used to avoid arbitrary conclusions. For dogs diagnosed with fungal diseases, pay attention to self-protection and prevent transmission to other dogs and cats. The environment should be disinfected and sterilized frequently, and utensils and equipment should also be disinfected and sterilized at any time to avoid indirect transmission.

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