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Does Xiaohongshu Life Guide need to pay?

You need to pay. Xiaohongshu Life Guide is a self-media platform. The content in it is mainly shared by users, but the platform will also invite some well-known bloggers to publish content. These bloggers have a large number of fans and influence, and their content is often the best of the best. The platform needs to screen and manage this content, and provide relevant technical services and operational support, so it needs to be paid to use. At present, the Xiaohongshu Life Guide website and APP are free, but it will be recommended to buy some specific goods or services from time to time during use, and the platform will receive profits from these goods or services. In addition, users can also obtain more privileges and services through offline activities or paid membership. To sum up, Xiaohongshu Life Guide requires payment, but the specific payment method and content vary from time to time and version, and users need to decide whether to pay according to the specific situation.

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What software is Meow Shopping 818?

Meow Shopping 818 is a shopping software launched by Suning.com. It is specially tailored for users who like to shop on Suning.com. The software has a rich variety of products, including not only common categories such as home appliances, digital, and beauty, but also various products such as fresh food, clothing, and automobiles.

Users can conveniently and quickly browse products, place orders, and enjoy exclusive discounts and services through this software.

Meow Buy 818 also supports a variety of payment methods, such as WeChat Pay, Alipay, UnionPay, etc., providing users with a safe and convenient shopping experience. In addition, users can also participate in various activities and receive coupons through this software, making shopping more affordable and convenient. In short, Meow Buy 818 is a full-service shopping software provided by Suning.com for users. Whether at home, in the office or on the road, users can easily shop and enjoy discounts through this software.

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