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Does the Xiaomi Wear app display weight?

Yes, the Xiaomi Wear app can display weight. Users can synchronize weight data to the Xiaomi Wear app for recording and analysis by connecting a smart scale. In addition to weight, the app can also display other health data such as steps, sleep quality, heart rate, etc. Users can use this data to monitor their physical condition and make corresponding health plans. The Xiaomi Wear app provides a clear interface and user-friendly operation, allowing users to easily view and manage their health data.

weight management wearable technology

Which brand is the best for weight?

There are many brands of scales. Choosing a good brand needs to consider the following aspects:

1. Accuracy and stability: It is very important to choose a scale with high accuracy and stability. This means that the scale can accurately display your weight and there will be no errors after long-term use. Some well-known brands, such as Omron, Hitachi, etc., are known for producing high-quality, stable scales.

2. Portability: If you often need to carry a scale to use in different places, then a portable scale may be more suitable for you. Portable scales are usually smaller and lightweight, making them easy to carry. For example, brands such as FitTrack, Withings, etc. offer a variety of portable scales.

3. Function: Modern scales are usually equipped with multiple functions, such as fat measurement, muscle mass measurement, basal metabolic rate calculation, etc. Choose a scale with the appropriate functions according to your needs. For example, brands such as Garmin, Tanita, etc. offer scales with rich functions.

4. Price and Budget: There are many scales available in the market at different prices. When purchasing, make sure that your budget matches the required functions. Sometimes, buying a cheaper scale may affect its performance and accuracy.

5. User Reviews: Check the reviews and suggestions of other users to understand their experience with a certain brand of scale. This can help you find trustworthy brands and models.

To sum up, no one specific scale brand can be said to be the best. You need to choose a suitable brand and model according to your own needs, budget and preferences.

How to change the data of Xiaomi Wear?

1. Bind the Xiaomi bracelet to the mobile phone first, and then you can set personal information.

2. Click on Xiaomi Sports.

3. After logging in, the following dialog box will appear. Click “OK”.

4. Select gender.

5. Slide down or up to select the year and month of birth.

6. Select the height.

7. Select the weight.

8. The last item is to select the number of steps to complete, and click Finish when completed. This way, the detailed personal data is recorded.

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