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Does the Dragon Chosen add experience to other classes?

The Dragon Chosen does give a small amount of experience to other classes in Dragon’s Creed 2. However, this experience distribution is split equally, so other classes gain relatively little experience. If the player is not in a hurry to upgrade other classes, this distribution method is acceptable.

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For players who want to quickly upgrade other classes, it is recommended to directly equip and use the class they want to upgrade to play the game, so that they can gain experience more directly. At the same time, you can also pay attention to the quests, activities and rewards in the game, which can provide players with additional experience and help to upgrade the class level faster.

In general, although Dragon Chosen will give other class experience, players still need to arrange the game time and strategy reasonably according to their own game goals and needs to achieve the best game effect.

Dragon’s Creed 2 Enhancement Materials?

In Dragon’s Creed 2, Enhancement Materials are important resources used to improve the attributes of equipment. To obtain Enhancement Materials, you need to defeat monsters, complete quests or participate in various activities in the game. These materials include various gems, runes and special props, each of which has its own unique effects and uses.

By using Enhancement Materials reasonably, you can improve the attributes of your equipment and enhance the combat effectiveness of your characters. At the same time, strengthening materials can also be used to unlock new skills and abilities, making you more powerful in the game. In conclusion, acquiring and using strengthening materials is a key step in improving the strength of your character.

How to use spells in Dragon’s Creed?

Press the left rocker to enchant yourself. Firewalls and tornadoes cannot be locked, only the launch position can be selected, and Earthquake can only choose the direction.

Other spells can lock monster parts, and you can choose from the left and right rockers, but when you encounter obstacles when launching, you will be blocked.

But thunder spells are generated directly in the selected place, ignoring obstacles. In addition, these spells can be unlocked by pressing the left rocker, and you can control the direction by yourself.

Dragon’s Creed What profession is good, full class skill introduction?


A powerful warrior who can equip swords and armor, good at close combat, and can use the trained body as a weapon to fight.


Good at playing with opponents with agile and light movements, can move quickly on the body of huge enemies, and is good at using bows and arrows to launch long-distance attacks.


Able to manipulate the mysterious power “magic” to fight, and can flexibly use various spells to fight according to attributes and singing time. The performance on the battlefield is one-hit killing.

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