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Does placing Lancome skin care products in a humid place affect the effect?

Many products in Lancome skin care products contain plant extracts, water and some chemicals, which have a certain sensitivity to the preservation environment. Therefore, placing Lancome skin care products in a humid environment may have a certain impact on its effect.

skin care routine for humid weather

For example, some products containing plant extracts, such as Lancome Small Black Bottle Serum, Lancome Smooth Cleansing Gel, etc., easily absorb moisture in the air, causing the product to deteriorate, dilute or lose its activity. At the same time, a humid environment may also cause the chemical substances in the product to decompose or react, thus affecting the effect of the product.

Therefore, it is recommended to place Lancome skin care products in a dry, cool place to maintain their quality and effectiveness. When using Lancome skin care products in a humid environment, its effect may be weakened or inactivated.

How to partition skin care for mixed dry skin?

The care of mixed dry skin needs to be differentiated and treated according to the skin type of different areas of the face. Generally speaking, mixed dry skin is mainly divided into the following three areas:

1. T-zone: forehead, nose and chin. Because of the high secretion of sebum, it is relatively easy to appear shiny and enlarged pores.

It is recommended to use products that control oil, clean and shrink pores for the T area, such as toners or creams containing ingredients such as salicylic acid; you can choose lotions or condensation creams with light texture, and avoid products that are too moisturizing and heavy.

2. U area: The part from the cheekbones to the chin is relatively prone to dryness, roughness and other problems due to less sebum secretion.

It is recommended to use creams or lotions with moisturizing and moisturizing effects for the U area. You can choose products containing moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid; you should also pay attention to using mild and non-irritating cleansing products when cleansing.

3. Around the eyes: Fine lines, dryness and other problems often occur around the eyes more easily than other parts, which requires special attention.

It is recommended to use a special eye cream for maintenance around the eyes. You can choose products containing firming and anti-aging effects; when sleeping, you should also avoid lying on your side or pressing the skin around the eyes to prevent fine lines and skin sagging.

In short, mixed dry skin care requires targeted treatment and maintenance according to the skin conditions of different parts to maintain the balance of water and oil of the skin and a healthy state.

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