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Does Huawei mobile phone have a scale? How to use it?

Yes, the specific method is as follows

weight management novato

On the Huawei Sports Health page, click the search bar. Search for an electronic scale and select the smart electronic scale you want to pair.

After weighing your feet, click to start pairing. After pairing successfully, you can bind the device and use it on Huawei mobile phones.

“Fun Weigh” is a very interesting APP in the practical tools of Huawei MateS pressure-sensitive version. Through the pressure-sensitive screen, you can weigh 100g-400g conductive objects, such as placing a fruit or pressing the screen with your finger, with high measurement accuracy.

Where is the function of Huawei mobile phone electronic scale

First of all, we need to prepare the quality weighing instrument and prepare it.


Secondly, we need to put the mobile phone on the quality weighing instrument and turn on the weighing instrument.


So that we can weigh the quality of the Huawei mobile phone.


Then take the mobile phone away on the weighing instrument and turn it off, so that the mobile phone weighing project is completed.

How does Huawei nova9 display sports health?

On the mobile desktop, draw two fingers from four weeks to the middle. At this time, the desktop will enter the editing state. In the editing state, click “Window Gadgets” at the bottom.


The bottom will list a series of gadgets that can be added to the mobile desktop. Swipe left and right in the gadget list to find the “Sports Health” app.


After finding it, press and drag it with your finger to the desktop to view the exercise data directly on the mobile desktop


When the sports health application is displayed on the desktop, as long as you light up the mobile phone, you can directly see the number of steps taken that day, the percentage of exercise completed by the set amount, and the calories consumed.


When you are exercising, the exercise data displayed on the desktop will change in real time for your convenience.

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