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Does Gold Newtete contain mct?

Gold Newtete contains MCT oil because it is a special oil extracted from coconut oil. MCT oil is believed to have many health benefits, including improved energy levels, promoted metabolism, and reduced appetite. Therefore, Gold Newtete has become an ideal choice for many people, especially those who want to control their weight through diet. So, if you want to increase your intake of MCT oil in your diet, Gold Newtete is a good choice.

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What is the difference between mct and cla?

MCT and CLA are two different fatty acids that differ in structure and function.

1. Structural differences

MCT is short for medium chain fatty acid (MediumChainTriglyceride), which is composed of 2-14 carbon atoms, usually dominated by 8 carbon, 10 carbon and 12 carbon. CLA is short for conjugated linoleic acid (ConjugatedLinoleicAcid), which is an 18 carbon fatty acid.

2. Different sources

MCT is mainly derived from natural foods such as coconut oil and palm oil. It can also be processed into MCT oil and added to the diet as a health food. CLA is mainly derived from meat and dairy products, such as milk, cheese, butter, etc. It can also be processed into CLA oil and sold as a health product.

3. Different functions

MCT can be quickly absorbed and utilized by the body. It is not stored as fat, but is directly converted into energy, which helps to reduce body weight and fat accumulation. CLA can inhibit the growth and proliferation of fat cells, help reduce fat accumulation and improve body fat distribution, and also have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

Overall, MCT and CLA are two different fatty acids with their own specific roles and scope of application. MCT is mainly used to promote energy metabolism, while CLA is mainly used to improve body composition and promote health.

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