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Does dry sensitive skin need skin care in the morning?

For dry sensitive skin, morning skin care steps are necessary. Since dry sensitive skin is thinner and lacks sufficient oil, the focus of skin care in the morning should be on hydrating and moisturizing and repairing the barrier. Here are some tips for morning skin care:

skin care routines for dry sensitive skin

Gentle cleansing: Use gentle cleansing products to avoid excessive cleansing and degreasing, so as not to destroy the skin’s natural barrier. It is recommended to choose mild amino acid cleansing products.

Hydrating and moisturizing: The use of moisturizing lotions and creams can help replenish the moisture and oil required by the skin and enhance the skin’s hydrating ability. It is recommended to choose moisturizing products that contain soothing and repairing ingredients.

Sunscreen: Sunscreen in the morning is very important because UV rays can cause damage to the skin even on cloudy days or in winter. Choose sunscreen products that are light in texture and not greasy, and make sure to use them in sufficient amounts.

Antioxidants and Repairs: Mornings are the prime time for skin repair. Using a serum or cream containing antioxidant and repair ingredients can help the skin return to health.

In conclusion, morning skin care is very important for dry sensitive skin. It can help the skin stay moist, soft, healthy, and reduce sensitive and dry problems.

Dry sensitive skin streamlines skin care steps?

1. Clean.

The stratum corneum of dry sensitive skin is thin and easily irritated. When washing your face, it is best to wash with warm water, reduce or do not use facial cleanser and other cleansing products to avoid harming the skin;

2. Moisturizing.

Dry sensitive skin is particularly prone to skin dehydration and dryness. In daily care, pay attention to skin moisturizing, and use skin care products with strong moisturizing ability and gentle and non-irritating. Avoid skin peeling due to too dry, resulting in more sensitive skin.

3. Sunscreen.

Dry sensitive skin is particularly prone to burning, redness, tingling, and itching under the influence of sunlight. Therefore, dry sensitive skin should pay attention to sun protection, try to use physical sun protection measures when going out (wear a sun protection cap, wear sun protection clothes, wear sun protection umbrellas, etc.), and do not use sunscreen. Sunscreen will bring some irritation to the skin more or less.

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