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Does being overweight affect the recruitment of civil servants?

Being overweight will affect the recruitment of civil servants in some special positions. There is no requirement for height and weight in general positions. The following is for your reference.

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“General Standards for Physical Examination for Civil Servants (Trial) ” has been officially implemented to cancel restrictions on the height and weight of applicants

Non-people’s police civil servants do not have this requirement. Therefore, ordinary civil servant positions do not require height and weight in the national civil servant physical examination. But special positions, such as special police officers and police officers, will have height requirements. The original standard requires police positions: men are over 170 cm tall and women are over 160 cm tall. In general, the requirements for height and weight in the recruitment of civil servants are as follows:

① Special post requirements.

② Police and administrative law enforcement will have requirements.

③ Ordinary posts are not required.

For the recruitment of police positions, the medical examination standards have always been implemented with reference to the “Public Security Organs Recruiting People’s Police Medical Examination Items and Standards” Ministry of Personnel and Ministry of Public Security Renfa [2001] No. 74 documents. The first two of the standards limit the height and weight of candidates:

(1) Men’s height is generally not less than 170 cm, and their weight is not less than 50 kg; women’s height is generally not less than 160 cm, and their weight is not less than 45 kg (in parts of the south, with the consent of the provincial, autonomous region, and municipal public security departments (bureaus), the height of men can be relaxed to 168 cm, the weight can be relaxed to 48 kg, and the height of women can be relaxed to 158 cm, and the weight can be relaxed to 43 kg).

(2) Those who are too fat or thin cannot be hired.

Registration conditions for fitness qigong instructor certificate?

First, interest is the best teacher.

A love for fitness can guide you to become an excellent fitness instructor.

Second, a good physical fitness is also essential.

Being a fitness instructor can be said to be a physical exercise. High-intensity class frequency and movement demonstration are also unbearable without a good physical fitness.

Third, everyone’s most concerned issue.

Regarding height, weight, education, etc., in fact, the threshold for fitness trainers is not high. As long as the height is normal, such as men 165 and women 155, there is definitely no problem. Regarding weight, as long as you are not particularly fat or thin, you can follow up with a period of practice to achieve a standard body. At present, there is no express regulation of education.

Fourth, tenacious perseverance is the touchstone of this industry.

This high-paying job requires corresponding effort and persistence. In the process of learning and the stage of textual research, you must adapt yourself to high-intensity exercise, training, as well as the study and absorption of theoretical knowledge such as sports anatomy, sports physiology, sports nutrition, etc., and perhaps endure the discomfort caused by muscle soreness every night.

Fifth, skilled business ability and communication skills are the embodiment of your value and the guarantee of high income.

Taking private lessons, formulating training plans according to the different demands of different people, and patient guidance are all manifestations of your business ability.

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