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Does a beverage that bubbles after opening, such as Coke\\ Fanta, belong to a mixture?

does not belong to a mixture, because: after opening, Coke or Fanta comes into contact with air, so it bubbles.

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What is the circulating water circulation rate?

“Water circulation rate” refers to the ratio of the amount of circulating water entering the riser to the amount of steam at its outlet in the circulation loop.

1. The physical meaning of the water circulation rate is how many cycles the water entering the circulation loop needs to go through before it can all turn into steam. Expressed by the symbol K, the reciprocal of K is called the mass vapor content of the soda-water mixture at the outlet of the riser.

2. The circulation rate is related to the structure of the circulation system and the heating intensity of the riser. Under certain conditions of the cross-sectional ratio of the descending pipe to the riser and the structure, the heat load increases, and the circulating flow rate increases at the beginning, and the circulation rate also increases, which is manifested by the compensation ability. However, when the heat load increases again to a certain extent, the circulating flow rate increases slowly or even no longer increases, the circulation rate no longer increases, and the self-compensation ability is lost. If the heat load increases again, the circulation rate decreases instead. The cycle rate that does not increase is called the limit circulation rate. Usually, the circulation rate is greater than 1. The larger the circulation rate, the greater the proportion of water in the water, the smaller the amount of steam.

What is the liquid in the recyclable ice cube?

The liquid in the recyclable ice cube is a mixture of ethanol and purified water.

The recyclable ice cube is also called stainless steel ice particles, referred to as steel ice. The new type of recyclable ice cube replaces the traditional ice cube, because the traditional ice cube is made of water, so it melts in wine or beverage to make the drink taste lighter and affect the taste.

The surface of the new recyclable ice cube is made of 304 stainless steel, which will not dissolve into water and affect the taste. It is filled with a special frozen liquid, and the freezing capacity is longer than that of traditional ice cubes. Using the principle of physical cooling, it can be recycled indefinitely, and it is easy to clean; completely avoid the harm caused by the use of ice cubes made of unclean water sources to the human body.

How can the boiler boil wine so that the water does not pass?

If it is superheated steam, it is generally not allowed to carry water, but saturated steam generally entrains a certain amount of water, which is allowed. If there is too much water entrained, the reason for considering the boiler steam carrying water is;

1 The separation effect of the steam-water separator at the steam outlet of the boiler drum is not good, or damaged.

The steam-water separation device when the water-cooled wall and other steam mixtures are returned to the pot drum, such as the underwater orifice plate, is damaged or ineffective. 2 The water level of the boiler is kept too high. Beyond the allowable range of change, the accident state false water level 3 is overloaded or the load fluctuates too much, the load suddenly skyrockets 4 The water supply in the drum, that is, the moisture pipe leaks in the drum steam space

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