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Do you want to wash your face after fifteen minutes of the New Zealand Mystery Hydrating Mask?

Yes, you need to wash your face. After using the Hydrating Mask, you can follow the steps below:

when to use a sheet mask in skin care routine

1. Apply the mask according to the instruction time on the mask manual, usually 15-20 minutes. After the waiting time is over, it can be slightly extended or shortened according to personal feelings.

2. If the New Zealand Mystery Hydrating Mask is the type that does not need to be washed, the remaining serum can be gently massaged until fully absorbed without washing your face with water.

3. If the New Zealand Mystery Hydrating Mask is the type that needs to be rinsed, rinse the face well with warm or clear water to ensure that there is no residual mask on the face.

4. Next, you can continue with your regular skin care routine, such as using toners, serums, eye creams and creams, etc.

What is the most appropriate month of the year to apply a mask?

Winter is dry, in fact, it can be done all year round,

But pay attention

Women’s menstrual period

In the first seven days after sending away “relatives”, whether it is making masks or improving food, it is the best golden section. If you want to change your skin or replenish your body’s energy, hurry up and do it!


7:30-8:00 in the morning

When the human body wakes up in the morning, after a night of rest, the skin in the morning is also relatively thirsty. At this moment, take a moisturizing mask, and the skin can be better moisturized. The best time is between 7:30 and 8:00. The skin is in the best state during this time period, and the absorption of the mask is the best. Apply a moisturizing and moisturizing mask before makeup, so that it is easy to apply makeup without taking off the makeup card powder.


9:00~ 10:00 pm

12:00 pm to 3:00 am is the best time for the skin to repair itself. Applying the mask before going to bed can achieve the best effect. Around 10:00 pm, applying the mask before going to bed can double the skin’s absorption of the nutrients and skin care products of the mask, and can also expel melanocytes and residual toxins from the skin. Of course, it is best to apply the mask after taking a shower, and the pores are fully opened, which is more conducive to the skin’s absorption of nutrients.


Pay attention to cleaning up the residue after the mask

After removing the mask, wash the residue on the face with clean warm water, then apply a cold towel to the face for a while to promote pores to shrink, and finally apply moisturizing cosmetics. Be sure to pay attention to the astringent steps. Some cleansing or exfoliating masks may cause skin damage if they are not handled carefully in the later stage.


Relax, the mask effect will be better

After the mask is applied to the face, it is forbidden to frown, laugh, and try to avoid talking loudly. Allow yourself to take care of your skin in a relaxed environment. Surveys have shown that a comfortable environment and a relaxed mood are conducive to the absorption of skin care products.

Correct steps to apply a mask


Makeup remover

First, perform partial makeup remover on “colored” areas such as mascara, eyeshadow, and lipstick, and then a comprehensive seaweed mask remover. Remove most of the makeup with a cotton pad, and then use a cotton swab to handle the details. Apply a hot compress to the face, ears, and other areas for about 3 minutes with a hot towel.


Use the mask

Open and remove the mask, gently stick it on the face.


Massage and absorb

Like a muscle massage, gently massage the entire face with your fingertips. If you use a massage cream at the same time, the seaweed mask can achieve a calming and moisturizing effect, reduce muscle soreness, promote blood and lymphatic circulation, and make your complexion ruddy.



After the mask is applied for about 15 minutes, touch it with your finger. If you don’t feel sticky, you can start from the edge of the film and slowly remove it from the bottom up. Generally speaking, after the mask dries, it will cause the skin to tighten and wrinkle, so remove the mask immediately when it is dry, and do not stay on the skin for a long time or overnight.


Then wash off the remaining essence on the face with water, and finally complete the subsequent skin care steps.

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