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Do you use a cleansing mud film or a blackhead removal first?

Is to remove blackheads first, and then apply a mask. This is a very correct step. After removing blackheads, you can replenish moisture to the skin normally, and it can also protect our skin, so you must do a good job of hydration protection after removing blackheads.

skin care routine to get rid of blackheads

Generally, you need to use some anti-inflammatory things after removing blackheads, so applying a mask can also be better repaired.

It is to apply a mask to remove blackheads first and then apply a mask.


Ordinary skin care products determine the order of use based on the molecular size of their ingredients. The smaller the molecule, the more you use it first, because these molecules of different sizes each contain different nutrients and play different roles on the skin.

If you use the mask first, a protective film will form on the outer layer of the skin. Then the blackhead remover cannot penetrate the skin to play a role, and of course it cannot play a role.

Closed skin care process?

Closed mouth is one of the skin problems, usually referring to clogged pores, resulting in blackheads or whiteheads. The following is a basic closed-mouth skin care process that can help clean and prevent closed-mouth problems:

1. Gentle Cleansing: Choose a gentle cleansing product that suits your skin type, wash your face with warm water and gently massage your skin to remove dirt and oil.

2. Exfoliating: Use a gentle exfoliating product to remove dead skin cells on the surface of your skin and help clean pores. Be careful not to exfoliate excessively so as not to irritate your skin.

3. Steam Apply to your face: Steam apply to your face with a hot towel or steam engine to help open pores, soften blockages and facilitate cleaning.

4. Cleansing Mask: Choose a cleansing mask suitable for closed-mouth problems, such as a dirt mask or a charcoal black mask. Apply to the face and wash thoroughly after waiting for a certain period of time to help absorb dirt and oil and clean pores.

5. Astringency Water or Toner: Use an astringency water or toner to help shrink pores and balance the skin’s oil secretion.

6. Moisturizing: Use a moisturizing product suitable for your skin type to maintain skin moisture balance and avoid excessive dryness.

7. Sunscreen: Apply a sunscreen suitable for your skin type to protect the skin from UV damage.

In addition to the above basic skin care procedures, paying attention to a balanced diet, maintaining good living habits, and regularly cleaning makeup tools are also important measures to prevent closed mouth problems. If the closed mouth problem is serious or cannot be improved by basic skin care, it is recommended to consult a skin expert for advice.

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