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Do you still need to mix the skin care glycerin sold in pharmacies with water? If you need to mix it with water, the ratio is…

Generally, you don’t need to mix it with water, just use it directly. The glycerin in the chemical products needs to be mixed with water

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Do you sell skin care products in pharmacies?

Hello, pharmacies do sell skin care products. However, not all pharmacies sell skin care products, which mainly depends on the scope of business and brand positioning of the pharmacy. Some large chain pharmacies, in order to attract more customers, will offer some common skin care products, such as cleansing milk, face cream, sunscreen, etc. These skin care products are usually strictly screened by pharmacies to ensure their quality and safety. However, it should be noted that although the skin care products sold in pharmacies may have certain quality guarantees, it does not mean that all pharmacy skin care products are suitable for everyone. Everyone’s skin type and needs are different, so when choosing skin care products, it is best to understand your skin type and needs first, and then choose the products that suit you. In short, skin care products will be sold in pharmacies, but the specific types and qualities vary from pharmacy to pharmacy. When choosing skin care products, you need to choose according to your skin type and needs.

Apply body lotion first or rub glycerin first?

Rub glycerin first

Spray a mixture of glycerin and water before applying body lotion to replenish oil, and then apply body lotion. For people whose skin is already very dry, just applying body lotion is still not moisturizing enough. It doesn’t take a while for the body to dry. At this time, you can use this method to spray a mixed liquid of glycerin and water on the body first.

For the configuration of glycerin and water mixture, the glycerin used is pure medical glycerin, which is sold in a treasure and pharmacy. The glycerin sold in supermarkets and cosmetic counters is not pure glycerin. Prepare a small bottle and pour glycerin and water into the bottle at a ratio of 1:4. Apply this mixture first after taking a shower, and then apply glycerin. You will find that although your hands are dry after applying, it feels damp. This is normal. The glycerin component can absorb water vapor in the air to achieve moisturizing effect.

How to open a pharmacy to swipe medical insurance?

1. Application qualifications: the original and photocopy of the legal representative ID card of the pharmacy, the original and photocopy of the pharmacy’s industrial and commercial and tax business license, the pharmacy applies for medical insurance swipe card application form, medical insurance account number.

2. Application conditions:

(1) Obtain the “Drug Business License”, “Drug Business Quality Management Standard Certification Certificate” (GSP Certificate) and “Business License”;

(2) Normal operation for more than 1 year; (3) Strictly implement the drug price policy stipulated by the state and the province, and pass the supervision and inspection of the price department;

(4) Drug business premises of more than 80 square meters (excluding office, warehouse and other ancillary rooms); with the ability to supply basic medical insurance drugs in a timely manner 24 hours a day; (5) Operating drug varieties (excluding traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces) of not less than 1000 kinds (trade name), of which the basic medical insurance drug preparation rate is not lower than that of drug varieties 80%; drugs should be classified and placed according to regulations, and there are obvious prompts; prescription drugs, non-prescription drugs, and non-drugs must be placed in separate cabinets and partitions; food, cosmetics, daily necessities, and other non-medical insurance items other than drugs must not be sold in the store; (6) Drugs must have a computer-managed “entry, sale, and deposit” ledger according to the requirements of the GSP; and provide “entry, sale, and deposit” ledgers in a timely manner according to the inspection needs of the medical insurance agency;

(7) Equipped with more than one licensed pharmacist or pharmacist (not part-time or nominal), and ensure that no less than one licensed pharmacist or pharmacist is on duty during business hours. Other drug practitioners need to be trained by the food and drug supervision and administration department or the human resources and social security department, hold a certificate, and have regular (annual) physical examinations, and establish health records;

(8) Strictly abide by the Labor Law and various laws and regulations, internal management norms, sign employment contracts with employees in accordance with the law, participate in various social insurances and pay social insurance premiums in full and on time; establish and improve various rules and regulations, and do a good job in the implementation and inspection of the system;

(9) Have not been subject to administrative processing or administrative penalties by human resources and social security, food and drug supervision and management and price departments within 12 months before applying for a fixed point;

(10) Other conditions stipulated by laws, regulations and policies.

III. Application Process: After providing the required information, submit it to the local medical insurance office for approval and approval, and use it after installing the medical insurance POS machine. The specific formal procedures are mainly based on the local medical insurance office. (Each medical insurance office has slightly different procedures.)

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