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Do you still need to apply skin care products after washing your face at night for oily skin?

You need to wipe skin care products after washing your face at night. Because you come back from going out to work for a day, dust and oil will accumulate on your face, and after cleansing at night, the oil of your skin will decrease, and then your skin will become fragile and extremely sensitive.

oily skin after skin care routine

If you don’t moisturize and moisturize your skin at this time, the skin will automatically secrete a lot of oil to protect itself, so acne is also easy to breed. So if you are a classmate with acne skin, after cleaning your face at night, be sure to wipe skin care products and hydrate your skin to achieve a balance of water and oil and reduce the generation of acne.

For oily skin, what should I do after applying the mask?

Under normal circumstances, after applying the mask, wash the face and apply the skin care products.

For people with oily skin, the skin is prone to acne and acne, so be sure to take good care of the skin. Applying a mask is an effective method. You can use the method of self-made mask, which is not only safe and has no side effects, but also has good results. For example, self-made pearl mask, oil control and acne-clearing mask, fresh cucumber mask, etc.

Do you have to apply skin care products after washing your face for oily skin

Oily skin can choose to control products to streamline skin care

How to take care of and maintain oily skin?

Oily skin must be cleaned first, it is best to use amino acid cleansing milk to wash your face, wash and use oil-controlled skin care products, water and lotion must be refreshing, not heavy,

Make up, what should you apply after skin cleansing? Toner?

You can’t use sunscreen directly after using toner, you should use water milk first, and then sunscreen. Water milk represents toner and lotion, which belongs to a kind of skin care products. It has the functions of hydrating, moisturizing and moisturizing the skin, while sunscreen is a kind of cosmetics. It contains chemical ingredients and has the effect of hindering or absorbing ultraviolet rays. It can prevent the skin from being tanned and sunburned. When we use skin care and makeup, we always follow the order of skin care first and then makeup, so use water milk first and then sunscreen. Benefits of using water milk first: Water milk is a skin care product. After applying, it can quickly replenish moisture to the skin and maintain long-term moisturization. In addition, they are also quite a protective film and isolation film, which have the effect of protecting the skin. Using water milk first can prevent sunscreen from directly contacting the skin, thereby reducing the irritation of sunscreen to the skin. The disadvantages of using sunscreen first: The main function of sunscreen is to block ultraviolet rays and protect the skin from being sunburned by ultraviolet rays, but it is essentially cosmetic and contains chemical ingredients. If you apply sunscreen first, the skin will definitely be more irritated. At the same time, if you apply sunscreen first and then apply water milk, the effect of water milk will also be affected. Nutrition cannot directly penetrate into the skin, and it may also allow sunscreen ingredients to penetrate into the skin, thus endangering the health of the skin. Extended information:

1. Cleansing with cleansing milk or facial cleanser is always the first step in skin care. Don’t underestimate cleaning, thinking that cleaning is not important. Our skin suffers from a day of pollution and radiation, causing your skin to accumulate too much dirt. If it is not thoroughly cleaned, the skin will slowly become dry and rough, without completely taking away dirty things, so the pores will become thicker and thicker.

2. Toner I believe that everyone is familiar with toner. In fact, toner belongs to the category of lotion, which can play an important role in secondary cleaning and shrinking pores. Don’t think that lotion can replace moisturizer. This idea is completely wrong. Since the main function of lotion is to adjust the skin, not emollient, lotion should be used after cleaning.

3. After cleansing and toning, the skin needs a bottle of muscle bottom liquid to lay a good foundation. In recent years, muscle bottom liquid has become popular. This product can promote the effective absorption of subsequent products and adjust the skin to an ideal state. However, this product cannot be used as a lotion and cream.

4. Essence After using the muscle bottom fluid, the essence product must be used, and the essence should be used before the lotion and cream. Since the molecules of the essence are relatively small, the skin cannot absorb the essence well if it is used later, so the essence must be used first. At the same time, the essence should also follow the principle of anti-aging – whitening – moisturizing, and use the essence correctly according to the procedure.

5. After using the essence of the lotion or cream, you can apply the lotion or cream. If you have oily skin, you can only use the lotion, and if you have dry skin, you can use the cream. 6. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen must remember to use, and skin protection must be done well. In summer, we usually use sunscreen products around SPF 30 when we go out, but if we go to the beach, because the ultraviolet rays at the beach are very strong, the sunscreen products applied should be SPF 50 times.

In winter, choose physical sunscreen with lower sun protection index.

Sunscreen products below SPF 30 can effectively isolate more than 90% of ultraviolet rays. Reference: People’s Daily Online – What is the correct order of use of various skin care products?

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