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Do you only use water and cream for winter skin care? Or do you need to add lotion together?

You can’t just use cream, you need to use moisturizing water before applying cream. Toner is generally the first skin care routine after cleansing, and it is also the first nutritional supplement for the skin. After taking the toner, you should stay for a few minutes before applying the lotion or cream, so as to avoid the oily feeling of the skin. After using the muscle bottom fluid for winter skin care, the essence product must be used, and the essence should be used before the lotion and cream, because the molecules of the essence are relatively small. Precautions for moisturizing water:

simple winter skin care routine

1. There are also different types of toners, such as makeup water and astringent water. Some people think that there is no difference between toners, but this is not the case.

2. When using toner, you should dip it in a cotton pad and pat it on your face, not directly with your hands.

3. After cleansing, you must pat the toner, because this can replenish the skin’s water and other nutrients the fastest. Precautions for lotions and creams: 1. One of the keys when using lotions and creams is to choose the right type. There are different types of lotions and creams. To clarify the effect you want, you can’t define lotions and creams with the idea of “moisturizing anyway”. In fact, the different effects indicated by lotions and creams indicate that their ingredients are selected based on this, so there will be various targeted effects. 2. Another key lies in the selection of time periods, especially night creams. The skin has a golden period for absorbing nutrients, that is, after 10 pm to around 2 am. During this time period, the skin can effectively absorb nutrients and get twice the result with half the effort. 3. General cream, if it is not clearly marked that it can be used day and night, it is necessary to insist on distinguishing between day cream and night cream, so as to ensure the different needs of the skin at various times.

4. After taking the toner, you should stay for a few minutes before applying the cream, so as to avoid the greasy feeling of the skin.

5. When applying the lotion and cream, you should also pay attention to the correct method. You should place an appropriate amount of cream in the palm of your hand, and combine your left and right hands to evenly separate the cream in the hearts of your palms. Press first on the cheekbones of your cheeks, then on your chin and forehead. Gently start from your cheeks and slowly press the cream into the skin, which is conducive to the successful infiltration of nutrients. Never use rubbing or spiraling massage, because it will excite the blood circulation of the epidermis, it is likely to clog the pores, and it will also make the skin feel stuffy. 5. Use eye cream before applying lotions and creams. Be sure to pay attention when using lotions and creams to avoid around the eyes to avoid fat particles.

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