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Do you need to rub skin care products on your face 24 hours a day?

Skin care products also contain certain chemical ingredients, such as preservatives. At present, there is no truly preservative-free product on the market, so it is best not to use it 24 hours a day without interruption, it is a burden on the skin.

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Can sponge microneedles be used for skin care 24 hours a day?

Sponge microneedles are a tool that stimulates the skin through microneedles to promote skin regeneration and absorption of skin care products. It is usually recommended to use them once or twice a week. After each use, you need to give the skin a certain recovery time. Therefore, sponge microneedles are not suitable for 24-hour continuous use. Excessive use may cause skin damage and discomfort. The correct way to use it is to take skin care at night, give the skin enough time to repair after using the sponge microneedle, and then carry out daily skin care. Remember to fully clean and disinfect before use, and choose suitable skin care products to achieve better skin care results.

What time is Feiyan Skin Care live today on the 24th?

Feiyan Skin Care today at 9 pm go LIVE According to the official introduction of Feiyan Skin Care, the live broadcast time of the brand is generally between 9 pm and 9 pm, so it can be confirmed that today at 9 pm is the live broadcast time of Feiyan Skin Care. The live broadcast content of Feiyan Skin Care is rich and diverse, and you can learn about the use of products, popular beauty and skin care knowledge. If you are interested in Feiyan Skin Care products, you can pay attention to today’s live broadcast on time

What brand of skin care products do you use at the age of 24?

24-year-old skin care products should be selected according to their own skin type and economic conditions. More suitable brands include L’Oreal, Olay, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Elizabeth Arden, etc. You can also choose some domestic skin care brands, such as Baiqingling, Nature Hall, Marumi, Lin Qingxuan, etc. Japanese and Korean skin care products are also good choices, such as Shiseido, Laneige, etc.

Before choosing skin care products, you must first find your skin problems and choose skin care products with corresponding efficacy. 24-year-old skin care products should choose products with medium nutritional content to meet the needs of the skin.

In addition, when choosing a brand of skin care products, try to choose a brand with well-known and safe ingredients, so that you can feel more at ease when using it. In addition to choosing suitable skin care products, you should also pay attention to skin care and develop good skin care habits.

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