Weight management

Do you need to control the amount of food a cat can eat?

If the cat can eat especially, but the amount of exercise is still small, it needs to be controlled, otherwise getting fat is not good for health, and it is easy to get sick. You can weigh the cat’s weight first. Some cat food bags will have the daily standard food intake of cats of all ages and weight groups. Just give it according to that. The cat’s health owner will be relieved.

should i feed my cat weight management food

The cat needs to control its food intake for a few months?

The cat did not feel full before seven months, and we need to control its food intake.

Kittens grow to three months old, and after the stable state of the first 3 months is over, they will enter a period of rapid growth.

During this period, the cat will not only grow significantly, but the cat’s food intake will increase a lot.

A situation that requires great caution from the excrement shoveling officer is to continue to avoid the problem of cats eating too much during this period.

Although many cats eat a lot, the stomach space of the cat at this time is not enough to match the cat’s strong appetite.

This is also why many kittens will often experience abdominal bloating, indigestion and even vomiting after excessive eating during the 3-7 month cycle.

Compared with ordinary animals, cats can actually control their diet very well.

But during the 4-month period from 3 months to 7 months, many cats cannot really find their own food intake.

During this cycle, the shit shoveling officer should also pay attention to the cat’s weight.

Many cats’ later obesity problems are caused by wrong feeding during this period.

On average, the shit shoveling officer can measure the weight of the kitten once every 3 to 5 days. During this period, the cat will often gain about 100 grams compared with the previous month.

Some cats will gain about 150 grams, but if your cat gains about 200 grams of weight every month, then you need to pay attention to the cat’s food intake.

Do you want to keep feeding kittens if they are hungry?

Don’t keep feeding until they are full

Cats will bark when they are hungry, but whether they keep barking needs to be analyzed according to the cat’s own personality characteristics. When some cats are hungry, they will remind the owner to feed them through barking. If they are not fed, they will keep barking until the owner feeds them. Some cats want to eat through barking. If the owner does not give them, they may find food by themselves, and there will be no situation of barking all the time. The cat’s constant barking may also be sending a signal of physical discomfort, and the owner is advised to observe it carefully.

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