Weight management

Do you know a weight management specialist, is it really useful?

Hmm, this is very good, it is equivalent to having an extra nutritionist to supervise myself to lose weight. I used to weigh 75 kg and was often called a fat girl by my classmates. Under the supervision of a weight manager, I lost a full 20 kg. Although it is a bit expensive, I think it is worth it. Now I dare to wear a suspender skirt and find a boyfriend. Hahaha

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Which is easier, weight management or health management? Have fans?

Personally, I think it is easier to have fans in health management, because health management includes weight management. If you are healthy, your weight will naturally be normal. And health management does not only refer to weight. Many people are very thin, but they have many physical problems and are also in an unhealthy state, so the scope of health management is relatively large, not just people with abnormal weight.

Is weight loss management real and effective?

This kind of professional weight management is effective, because the weight manager is more professional than us, and it is more effective than our own weight management control. Blind weight loss control, no planning, no scientific basis, then it is very effective to lose weight according to the plan of the weight manager. At the same time, it can also be taught in the follow-up weight control. What is the use of

bmi certificate?

(BMI) is the weight control manager. The new model of weight health management, including many aspects such as physical, psychological and information technology, forms a complete service chain from research and development to service. Health dedicated to the public

Body mass index (BMI) is the most common classification method of adult obesity. However, BMI is often discounted because it does not accurately measure the health status of individuals. Although in some special cases, BMI may not be the most accurate indicator of obesity, in most cases, BMI is a valuable measurement that can help you understand your risk of developing diseases.

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