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Do you have any TV series or movie recommendations that are very sweet and sweet without abuse and misunderstanding throughout the process?

Xuan Ling Recommendation: “Coffee Meets Vanilla” adapted from manga is a Japanese TV series that is so sweet that it feels like eating honey, and there is no misunderstanding throughout the process, and it is not abusive at all. There are currently only 10 episodes. It is said that 1 episode is updated a week, but it has not been updated last week. The approximate story has been clarified. It is difficult to say whether it will be updated later.

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Starring is Haruka Fukuhara (as Risa Shirajima, also known as the female lead), Toru Sakurada (as Hiroto Shenmi, also known as the male lead), Mario Kurofeather (as Takayoshi Akutsu, the long-faced man below), and Yoshiki Koyue (as Yoshiki Yi, the college boy below).

As far as these 10 episodes have been updated, the content is very sweet, so sweet that as an old aunt, I have a little indigestion. After all, I have passed the age of silly Baitian, and I have long lost the urge to watch the drama blushing and heartbeat embarrassed. Besides, this drama hopes that you will be at least 20 years old when you chase it, otherwise it is not recommended to watch it.

Next, this article will first analyze how sweet this drama is and where it is sweet; secondly, what are the places worth learning about this drama; finally, this drama can only be used as a guide to anti-wolf and anti-fraud, and you must not look forward to it or even practice it according to the gourd painting. Otherwise, as a girl, I believe you will have endless bitterness and endless tears. You know, the difference between reality and film and television dramas is at least five or six somersault clouds of Monkey King, the great sage of Monkey King.

1. The “sweetness” of this drama: beyond imagination

This drama tells the story of a female college student from the countryside who has a slightly inferior personality and is a little introverted, but has the appearance of a school flower, so she is often confessed by the boys of various departments. Embarrassed, she has never been in love, does not know how to refuse, and is not very good at communicating with people, so she often runs away. Fortunately, the male protagonist falls in love with him at first sight. When she is at a loss when she is invited to dinner by her classmates, she is rescued by the male protagonist in time, and stages a sweet and overbearing president and Cinderella’s love road.

① The first episode ended with at least 40 episodes of domestic drama

In addition to watching a few Japanese movies, this can be regarded as the first Japanese TV drama I watched. After being introduced by a friend, it is a bit like completing my obligations. After all, she recommended several movies and TV dramas to me and didn’t watch them seriously. But after watching the first episode, because the content was a bit excessive, I was curious about how much room it still had for the next few episodes, so I watched 10 episodes in one go.

To be honest, the first episode only took 23 minutes and 59 seconds, and the content of at least 40 episodes of domestic dramas was already explained clearly. The male protagonist and the female protagonist meet, the male protagonist helps the female protagonist to solve the encirclement, resolve the embarrassment, the male protagonist and the female protagonist date, fall in love, determine the relationship between boyfriend and girlfriend, and then almost live together.

The dog food sprinkled on my old aunt was caught off guard, and almost drowned in the dog food. Single girls suggest that they prepare snacks when they watch, otherwise they can only stare at them.

② The misunderstanding between the male lead and the male lead does not exceed two minutes

The male lead of this drama does not know whether he is a college student who has a crush on the female lead or the male lead’s nemesis (the long-haired man who always provokes the male lead), but even if these two are male lead, the misunderstanding with the male lead may not exceed two minutes, which can be regarded as a milestone in the history of film and television dramas. The efficiency of clearing misunderstandings is like a rocket, so fast that there is no time to react and daydream.

Compared with the male two, male three, and male four all like the plot setting of the female lead, this drama is simply too much progress. The second male student promised the male protagonist to take good care of the female protagonist and not let her get hurt. He felt that he had treated her as his own sister, and it was rare that there were not too many boring ambiguous entanglements.

The long-haired man, the archrival of the male protagonist, did not initially focus on the beauty or personality charm of the female protagonist, but approached the female protagonist for the purpose of failing the male protagonist. Therefore, after the misunderstanding or conflict was resolved, the long-haired man had no interest in the female protagonist, and even stayed with the female protagonist’s girlfriends.

③ Every encounter is another person’s long-planned

The first encounter of the male and female protagonists, thinking it was a chance, only to find out later that it was the male protagonist who fell in love with the female protagonist at first sight. He has been affectionate with Maimai in the cafe for a long time, and the “sudden” scene of helping the female protagonist out of the siege is just the result of him “waiting for the rabbit”.

At the beginning, I thought it was the female protagonist who fell in love with the male protagonist at first sight. I never thought it was the male protagonist who moved first, including handing the female protagonist a vanilla drink for the first time, and he had already taken the initiative to pity the female protagonist. Therefore, he appeared in time to help the female protagonist out of the boy’s boredom.

This drama’s way of dealing with problems is very simple and crude, but you have to admit that it is indeed the best way to solve problems. For example, if you don’t like it, don’t always hang people, sloppy feelings are the most hurtful and worst; secondly, although the heroine has the aura of the protagonist, not every boy likes it, only the male protagonist has a soft spot for her, which also shows that love still needs to be appetizing, even the heroine can’t have the charm of banknotes, which is very realistic and natural; finally, every encounter may be another person’s long-planned expectation. The accident of life is not so thrilling, but it is just artificial fantasy, that’s all.

Second, sweet is sweet, the drama’s flaws are still deadly

I believe that the audience who has watched this drama must have a lot to say about this drama. First, they must think it is particularly sweet, and second, they think its flaws are obvious and deadly.

1. The story lines are unfolded together, and it is inevitable to be messy

The story lines of the drama are unfolded together. While the male protagonist is dead set on the female protagonist, he also learns from others that the male protagonist is an indifferent and ruthless “domineering president” with too many secrets behind him. First of all, the mother is a mercenary, even her own son can be used as a “public relations”, as long as there is money to make, you can use it for everything; secondly, the long-haired man told the female protagonist that the male protagonist is the same to everyone, and you can say goodbye after the novelty.

The long-haired man told the female protagonist that her boyfriend had a bad past, but he thought it would come to light, but he just passed it by, and then he never mentioned it. The male protagonist’s past seems to be invisible; secondly, the male protagonist’s “secretary” seems to have deep feelings for the male protagonist, but in the end it is only far-fetched to say that the “secretary” is very optimistic about the female protagonist’s determination to the male protagonist. Then you don’t have to be jealous and run to live with others. You thought there was going to be a plot where the female protagonist and the male secretary competed for the male protagonist, but you didn’t expect to fail again.

Many places in the play are very far-fetched, and when you watch the next episode with doubts, you find that the theme has already changed. The previous story has not been finished, and the next story is thrown out again. It seems that leaving blank space can easily affect the audience’s emotions, but the inexplicable blank can easily make the audience confused, and they don’t know what they want to express.

2. The character of the domineering president basically relies on mouth addiction, and there is no actual proof

There are two domineering presidents in the play, one is the male protagonist and the other is the long-haired man. The two are mentioned in the play to have deep hostility, but the specific hostility is never mentioned in the play. The two domineering presidents, I don’t know what they are doing, the male protagonist seems to be opening a coffee shop, but they are not just opening a coffee shop, but the play is not willing to waste ink.

The second male also seems to be a ruthless character, and he is the domineering president, but he only shot an advertisement, which does not show where his domineering president is. What’s more confusing is that later, he was busy matching the male protagonist and the female protagonist. His domineering president looked like Yue Lao for a while, and looked like a errand for a while. He didn’t know what he was doing, so he was very confused.

3. The relationship between the female protagonist and her girlfriend is really strange

The female protagonist has a girlfriend who has grown up, and it can be said that she has grown up. The female protagonist was admitted to college and took the Muse route. Her girlfriends worked everywhere and came to play with the female protagonist for a few days, but because of accidental coincidence, they met the male protagonist. As a result, they fell in love at first sight and dreamed of the male protagonist.

Later, she found out that she was the boyfriend of her best friend. She didn’t rush to avoid danger and keep her distance, but begged the heroine to allow her to date the male protagonist. If she was really worried, she could date the three of them together. Seeing this, my three views simply didn’t allow me to continue watching. What’s more confusing is that in a billiards game, the winner can have skin-to-skin contact with the male protagonist, and the two who are each other’s best friends start the game.

Miraculously, the male protagonist showed 120 points of support for the agreement between the two girlfriends for the reason of wanting to stimulate the female protagonist’s fighting spirit. God, what am I watching, how can there be such a drama, it’s going crazy.

Third, the play can be used as a guide to anti-fraud and anti-wolf

Maybe you can’t think of it. After watching such a sweet play, the inspiration for me is that the play can be used as a guide to anti-fraud and anti-wolf. Where scenes similar to the plot in the play appear in real life, based on my gradual and profound life experience, this is completely cheating the feelings of innocent and innocent girls. There is no such good roujiamo in the sky that will fall off. Just hit the silly white sweet you, be sober. The reasons are as follows:

First of all, the overbearing president is very busy, and it is impossible to come quietly when there is danger all the time to help you avoid danger

First of all, as a college student, the probability of encountering the overbearing president will not be higher than the probability of winning the five million jackpot, or even lower; secondly, the overbearing president is very busy. Look at Ma Yun’s daily itinerary, and then look at the itinerary of the stars who play the overbearing president. It is not difficult to see how busy he is as the overbearing president. How can he stand up every time you encounter danger and achieve heroic rescue.

If you are in danger, you can either save yourself with your ability, call the police, or go together without being a lone ranger. Either way is much better than waiting for the overbearing president’s boyfriend to save you stupidly. After all, he is not Sun Wukong, he will not change 72, and he will not somersault.

Secondly, the IQ of today’s female college students is not so worrying, at least not whimsical

This drama is really suspected of lowering the IQ of female college students, especially as the female lead of college students, the IQ is almost no different from that of a three-year-old child. The male protagonist believes whatever he says, the male protagonist doesn’t say anything, and he makes up for whatever he thinks, until he makes up the male protagonist’s brain into an infatuated president who can be entrusted for life. Not long after she met the male protagonist, she went home with him. After all, she was a highly educated person, and when she met someone she liked again, she agreed. The male main asked her to move in together and immediately moved in together. In any case, we still have basic life knowledge and the ability to take care of ourselves and distinguish right from wrong,

Finally, Cinderella and the overbearing president mostly meet in the fairy tale world, and the real world meets Silly White Rabbit and Big Bad Wolf

I believe that when many girls are in their youth, they like to read romance novels, especially the books of the overbearing president and Cinderella, just like the Japanese drama “Coffee Meets Vanilla”, but we all know that it is just a condiment of life, like a daydream on a sunny afternoon with nothing to do. Although it is beautiful, it is clear that it is just a dream, nothing more.

In the fairy tale world, Cinderella would meet Prince Charming, and the poor girl would be guarded by the overbearing president, but in the real world, Silly White Sweet met the big bad wolf, either cheated of money or cheated of feelings. The big bad wolf likes the red sun, and Silly White Sweet can only find the happy sheep at most, otherwise she may regret it for the rest of her life.

Unless, you are ordinary and ordinary like Cinderella, through your own efforts and perseverance step by step, you will counterattack and become Bai Fumei. Then, the chance of meeting the overbearing president may be slightly higher.

The last words:

This Japanese drama called “Coffee Meets Vanilla”, the male protagonist is handsome, the female protagonist is sweet, and it is the main theme of the idol drama. Coupled with the simple and cute of the female protagonist, the infinite tolerance and understanding of the male protagonist can make you who have never been in love eat dog food until you vomit out of old blood, and your aunt can’t stop laughing. But its content is really a bit single. It can be seen that the director should just want to relax us who are weighed down by life. He doesn’t care at all whether its content is full, whether the characters are logical, whether the lines are too explicit, etc. These factors are very important to a drama.

If you watch this drama as a boring pastime, you can, but if it is to improve yourself and enrich your life experience, you should not watch this drama. After all, the content in the drama is easy to understand, and it does not improve yourself at all. It is not cost-effective to waste at least 230 minutes of time in vain.

The only thing that is certain about this drama is that the female protagonist and the male protagonist trust each other and do not abandon or give up the spirit, but just to learn this spirit, I suggest you watch “Soldier Assault”. To sum up, this drama is not only sweet, except for no misunderstandings, and it is not abusive at all. In fact, it seems that there is nothing else to show off.

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