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Do you apply sunscreen as soon as you finish your skin care steps in the morning?

The general procedure is to apply hand cream first and then sunscreen, but you can apply sunscreen first. Wait a few minutes after applying sunscreen before applying hand cream. If you are really worried, use a film-forming sunscreen such as Anai Sun Small Gold Bottle.

when to apply sunscreen in skin care routine

However, in winter, if you want to apply sunscreen on your hands, you can consider wearing gloves. After applying the hand cream, you can directly apply the gloves. Wouldn’t it be more convenient? Even if you are walking in the snow, the UV reflection is strong, and the protective cover of the gloves is enough.

Or there is another option, buy a sunscreen and skin care cream, such as CeraVe’s am cream, spf30, which is also more refreshing and not greasy.

How long after washing your face, apply sunscreen?

It is best to apply sunscreen within about 15 minutes after washing your face. Or, if you don’t want to apply it, then again. Is it 15 minutes to half an hour ago now? That’s better. Because to play a sunscreen role, he needs to form a film, which will take a while.

Under normal circumstances, sunscreen is the last step in skin care. The first step before makeup is to apply it to your face 15 to 30 minutes before going out. After it forms a film, you can apply isolation and foundation. Otherwise, it is easy to rub mud on your face after applying foundation.

Do you apply sunscreen immediately after skin care?

After skin care products are absorbed, you need to use sunscreen every day. It is better to go out 15 minutes after use. It is best to apply it ten or thirty minutes before you go out, so that the sunscreen can produce a sunscreen effect.

Generally speaking, it is best to apply sunscreen within about 15 minutes after skin care, because to play a sunscreen role, it needs to form a film and take a period of time. Generally, sunscreen is the last step in skin care.

Sunscreen is applied last or first?

Sunscreen should be applied first

The main function of sunscreen is to reduce the irritation and damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin and prevent the skin from being tanned and sunburned. Applying sunscreen is the last step in the skin care step.

Isolation is also called pre-makeup milk, which is an assistant for applying makeup. Dry skin is used to avoid card powder and peeling, oily skin is used for long-lasting makeup, as well as invisible pores and correction of skin tone. And some isolators also have a little sunscreen effect and have a certain ability to protect against ultraviolet rays. But generally speaking, the sunscreen index is relatively low and cannot be used as the main sunscreen. Applying isolation is the first step in applying makeup.

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