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Do you apply lotion or water first for dry skin?

Rub water first, which can have a hydrating and calming effect, and then rub the lotion to promote the absorption of the lotion.

skin care routine for dry to normal skin

If you only rub the lotion, it is difficult to absorb. But it still depends on your skin.

No matter what way you hydrate the skin, it is very easy to evaporate into the air, and oil is the best moisturizing ingredient, which can keep the skin from losing moisture. Therefore, hydrating and moisturizing can be said to be a pair of twin sisters, and unfortunately, they are conjoined twins. Without any one, the other will not survive. When the cosmetic technology industry studies the ingredients of skin care products, it must consider the two properties of hydration and moisturization.

And the lotion has a good emollient effect and moisturizing effect. If the skin is neutral, it can also be used in winter. When used in spring and autumn, in addition to the emollient and moisturizing effect, it can also isolate the dry climate of the outside world, prevent the skin from losing moisture too quickly, avoid dry and cracked skin, and peel. It is a must-use skin care product when going out in the dry season.

Firming water, facial lotion, face cream Use order?

Lotion — Essence — Gel — Lotion — Cream — Sunscreen, this is the correct order.

You just remember “water first, medium milk, and finally oil.” When you can’t tell which one to use first, look at the texture of the skin care product first. If it is water-based, it must be used first than creamy, and oily ones are usually used last. This method can be used in turn to determine the order of a complete set of care products, as well as the order of use of the same product, such as the same two or more creams.

If you use a cream-like product with a higher moisturizing degree first, it will form a protective film on the outer layer of the skin after application, so the water-like and essence-like products with smaller molecules will be difficult to be absorbed by the skin, let alone effective. Studies have found that if the fine molecules of the serum can reach the bottom layer of the skin, the nutrients carried can be as high as 88%; while the macromolecular products of oils mostly play a role on the surface of the skin, and the nutrients carried are only about 6%.

What is the correct order of use of water milk?

Water milk generally refers to toners and lotions, which are important steps in basic skin care. The correct order of use can help the skin better absorb nutrients and achieve the effect of moisturizing, moisturizing and conditioning the skin. The following is the order of use of water milk in general: Cleansing: First, use cleansing products to clean the face, remove dirt and impurities, and ensure clean skin. Toner (toner is also known as firming water, lotion, etc.): After cleansing, using a toner can help shrink pores, balance the skin’s pH, and prepare for subsequent skin care products. You can pour it on a cotton pad and gently wipe or pat the face. Serum (optional): If you use a serum, apply it after the toner. Serum contains a high concentration of active ingredients, which can be used for deep care for specific skin problems. Lotion/Cream: Then use a lotion or cream to choose the right product according to your skin type. Lotions are usually lighter and suitable for oily or combination skin; creams are more moisturizing and suitable for dry or normal skin. Apply the lotion/cream evenly to the face and neck to moisturize and moisturize. It should be noted that the above order is only a general suggestion, and the specific order of use may vary depending on the characteristics of the product and the individual skin type. Some brands or products may have special instructions for use, so it is best to use them according to the instructions on the product packaging. Also, remember to conduct a skin test before using any new skin care products to avoid allergic or uncomfortable reactions. Everyone’s skin needs are different, and you can make appropriate adjustments according to your skin type and actual situation.

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