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Do women need to remove makeup without makeup and use skin care products?

Answer: Need to remove makeup.

skin care routine makeup removal

Regardless of makeup or not, when we are outside all day, the skin layer has some garbage in addition to its own secretions, and it will also absorb various dusts in the air. If we do not remove makeup, it will cause our skin pores to clog and easily inflame and cause acne. Therefore, regardless of whether we have makeup or not, we must remove makeup when we go home at night. At the same time, we must use a cleansing milk to cleanse our face. It is recommended to use makeup remover oil to remove makeup, which will be more thorough.

Is makeup remover skin care or makeup?

Makeup remover is the foundation of skin care. Whether it is heavy makeup or light makeup, you must carefully remove makeup to better skin care. If the makeup remover is not clean, the makeup will remain on the face, which will clog the pores, resulting in various facial skin problems and accelerate the aging of the skin.

Only by really cleaning the makeup can you prevent various skin problems. Correct use of makeup remover products can better skin care.

Wash your hair and take a shower or take care of your skin first?

Correct bathing sequence: wash your face → take a shower → wash your hair → wash your face

Before taking a shower, apply makeup remover cream to the face without water, massage and dissolve the makeup sunscreen on the face, and take a shower after removing it. The advantage of this is that the dirt on the surface of the facial skin is cleaned first, so that the dirt will not enter the pores because the pores are opened during bathing.

You can only take a shower after removing the face. Bathing follows the principle of washing the body first and then washing your hair. This is to allow the hair to be fully nourished in the steam, and the hair scales are opened, making it easier for nutrients to enter. Using hair care products at this time not only protects the scalp layer, but also has a better effect of cleaning and nourishing the hair!

After washing your hair, the pores open at this time. It is recommended to wash your face once, which will help to deep clean the pores.

Do you use skin care products after removing makeup at night?

Use skin care products after removing makeup at night, basic water milk, essence, cream or use

Skin care products are all acquired. Skin is very important to us. Whether it is boys or girls, they should take good care of their skin. There are only a few types of skin care products, moisturizing, whitening, sunscreen, anti-aging, fading fine lines and so on. It is also useful to talk about the role of skin care products, but skin care products are very useful to us. We should also choose skin care products that suit us and stick to them to be effective.

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