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Do people with short atriums lose weight in the atrium?

People with short atriums lose weight in the atrium and cannot completely make their body shapely. Shapely body is not judged solely by the body proportions above the waist, but also needs to consider the lines of the legs, as well as the width of the shoulders and hips.

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Although weight loss can make the overall line of the body smoother, due to the influence of personal physical characteristics, it may be necessary to improve the muscle lines and body proportions through proper exercise and diet to achieve true body proportions. Therefore, losing weight does not guarantee a shapely body, and various factors need to be adjusted.

Face shape analysis?

The face shape of Xixi is round, with a long atrium but a short lower atrium. Her cheekbones are relatively wide, and although the jaw corners are also wide, they are not developed. There is a lot of white space on the face, and the facial features are stretched, giving a very comfortable feeling. Her facial lines are soft and full, without obvious extended cheekbones or developed jaw corners, and the temples are also full. This face shape gives a feeling that is not mean or bitter.

Xixi’s eyes are very attractive, showing the characteristics of fox eyes, with obvious open double eyelids and raised eyes. Her eyes and the end of her eyes are very sharp, and the aegyo sal part is also very full, giving a very attractive feeling. Although the tip of her nose is long and straight, the nose is fleshy, which neutralizes the charm of the eyes to a certain extent, making the overall face look softer.

In general, the face shape and facial features of Dixi give people a gentle and graceful feeling. However, with age, if you don’t pay attention to maintenance, there may be problems with gills. For a period of time, due to weight gain and facial fat accumulation, her chin became less noticeable, and her double chin became more noticeable. But fortunately, she later chose to lose weight and exercise, and successfully restored her figure and appearance.

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