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Do magic doctor’s skin care products have hormones?

I have not verified whether there are hormones or not. I have used their cream before, and the faint rose scent makes the visible skin more delicate.

aroma magic skin care routine

But it has no effect after I stop using it, so I don’t know if all effective skin care products change back to their original appearance after they are discontinued, or if they are added with hormones.

How to make magic ink?


First, prepare some black ink or ink bags.

Then, pour the ink into a container.

Next, you can add some magical elements such as glitter or fluorescent powder to increase the magical effect of the ink.

You can also try adding some spices or essential oils to give the ink its unique aroma.

Finally, stir well to make sure that all the ingredients are well mixed. Now, you are ready to write or draw with this fascinating ink! Remember to test it before using to make sure that the ink will not have an adverse effect on the paper or other materials.

Can the orchid fragrance be artificially synthesized?

Not yet. In the 1960s, there were Western fragrance researchers who wanted to use the aroma of orchids to create flavors and synthesize orchids, but they failed to achieve substantive results.

In the near future, with the advance of modern technology, fragrance researchers will be able to measure the aroma of orchids with instruments, and they will be able to synthesize them artificially, so that admirers will no longer have to look at the flowers and sigh.

Happily, although fragrance researchers have not been able to firmly “grasp” orchids, perfumers have used their magical magic to create orchid perfumes. From then on, the fragrance of orchids began to follow the beautiful shadows of various women and smile, stunning moments and memories for a lifetime.

I wish you a happy life

How to synthesize the Dream Garden Soup Pot?

To synthesize the Dream Garden Soup Pot, you need to collect the following materials: 1 large soup pot, 1 bunch of flowers, 1 magic herb, 1 star crystal, and 1 bottle of fairyland dew.

First, place the large soup pot on the stove to heat.

Then, gently place the flowers into the pot and let it release its fragrant aroma.

Next, sprinkle the magic herbs into the pot and let it emit magical energy.

Then, carefully put the star crystal into the pot and let it shine with a beautiful light.

Finally, pour the wonderland dew into the pot to make its soup clear and mysterious. After the dream garden soup pot is synthesized, you can enjoy a bowl of delicious soup full of magic and floral fragrance.

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