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Do Korean skin care products contain lead, mercury and hormones?

Cosmetics contain lead, mercury and hormones to some extent. There is a problem of more and less. Regular large manufacturers will strictly control the content of lead, mercury and hormones. Korean skin care products are no exception. Twenty or thirty years ago, cosmetics that deliberately added toxic ingredients such as heavy metals caused heavy metals to seriously exceed the standard did exist. Now with the strengthening of the country’s supervision of cosmetics, such problems have rarely occurred. Nowadays, there is a practice of using silverware and water to test whether cosmetics contain heavy metals. There is a method that says that cosmetics can be applied to the back of the hand and rubbed repeatedly with silverware. If the skin turns black, it indicates that they contain heavy metals.

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There is also a way to say that the cosmetics are poured into the water submitted to answer. If it sinks, it means that it contains heavy metals.

What kind of skin care products do Koreans use, just the popular one?

Generally, Korean skin care products are graded and generally divided into high, medium, low, and three grades.

Advanced: Generally have Hou, Xuehuaxiu, He Yan; Medium: Generally have Sumi, Laneige, Isi; Low: Generally have AHC, Feishi Shop, Jiejun, Yueshifengyin, Mengzhuang. Personal use: After, AHC, Mengzhuang, are OK.

Where is the manufacturer of golden skin care products without additives?

The manufacturer of golden skin care products without additives is from South Korea. South Korea is famous for its advanced cosmetic technology and strict quality management. As a Korean skin care brand, golden skin has a good reputation among consumers for its products with no additives and natural ingredients. Its products do not contain harmful chemical ingredients and are suitable for people of all skin types. Golden skin care products originated from Korean skin care technology and are deeply loved by consumers for their gentle and effective skin care effects. Therefore, it can be said with certainty that golden skin care products manufacturers are from South Korea.

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