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Do college students need skin care?

Of course college students need skin care.

daily skin care routine for college students

College students have only a few years of youth. If you don’t maintain it early, it will be too late when you have problems. Use serum or muscle bottom fluid from now on, but college students are still young, they only need moisturizing and smoothing skin. You don’t need to buy very expensive serum or muscle bottom fluid. Just choose one that suits you.

Use eye cream. 20 years old is a breaking point in life. If you don’t have fine lines on your eyes or forehead lines, then congratulations. If you have wrinkles, you must pay attention to using moisturizing eye cream at this time. Years are a pig-killing knife, so you must maintain it early.

Skin care steps for college students?

1. Rub the face with makeup water on a cotton pad for a second deep cleansing to solve the skin cause. The makeup water has the effect of cleaning the skin for a second time. Use a cotton pad to wipe the makeup water, and the skin pores can more easily absorb the ingredients of the makeup water. At the same time, the fine fibers of the cotton pad can clean the pores, bring a more perfect clean feeling to the skin, and solve skin problems. After wiping the face with a cotton pad, pat the makeup water with both hands to promote the skin’s absorption of the makeup water.

2. Moisturizing products must not forget that dehydration of the skin is an important reason for dark yellowness. Dry and dehydrated skin cells are often greatly damaged, which greatly reduces their detoxification function and makes free radicals more active. Therefore, dehydration of the skin is the main incentive for the yellow appearance of the face. The operation of cells at night is more active than that of the day. At this time, replenishing cell moisture can quickly transfer between cells, allowing deep cells to obtain water supply faster. The essence contains high concentrations of active substances and more active ingredients. The molecules are small and the permeability is strong. It can be deeply repaired for different skin tissues to achieve the effect of intensive skin care. It turns out that the essence has such a powerful effect, how can you get less skin rejuvenation at night!

3. After applying the cream, rub your hands to cover your face and deeply lock in the moisture to avoid dark yellow. The reason is that originally locking in water and moisturizing is a key to maintaining the skin. Only by maintaining the moisture content of the skin can the cells be filled, the stratum corneum remains moist, the skin can not be dark yellow, and the white and supple skin can be maintained. The previous moisturizing essence allows the skin to drink water and replenish, and it will soon be lost. At this time, you need a cream. The cream can lock in the replenished water and nutrients. The slightly hot temperature of your hands can promote the full absorption of the cream ingredients and better lock in the moisture for the skin. When applying the cream, with a gentle massage technique on both hands, there will be an unexpected firming and lifting effect!

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