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Director of Love Beyond Time and Space?

“Love Beyond Time and Space” Alias: Warrior/Legend of Prava, is S. S. Rajamouli directed, RamCharanTeja, an Indian romance starring Kajal Agarwal. The male and female protagonists are the princess and the first warrior who fell in love in a kingdom in 1609 AD, but due to the obstruction of love enemies, there is no union in this life. The love enemy finally killed the princess because of love and hate. The warrior also fell into the rock and died in love. After 400 years, everyone was reincarnated. The warrior became a racing driver and met his lover again.

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About the Indian movie “The Warrior”?

The male lead is called RamCharanTeja, and it seems that he played a movie of warriors. The female lead is called Kajal Agarwal. The plays he has acted in are not very famous and cannot be found in many places. The main ones are: Arya 2 Warrior/Love beyond time and space/Warrior NaanMahaanAlla You are in my eyes/I can see you/You are in my eyes SanjayMaaWhereAreYou…………….. FruitNut Hijacking/Kuselan5.3 (96 reviews) The information of the female lead can not be found, and the background music is also found. Reply to me! If you like watching Indian movies, it is recommended to watch Amir Khan’s “Unknown Death”, “Three Silly Bollywood”, Shalu Khan’s “Rebirth”, “My Name is Khan”, and Rohan’s “Mr. India”.

What is the movie in which the protagonist of an Indian action movie is a soldier?

The Lion Singham (2011) Directed by: RohitShetty Starring: Ajaydeugan/Kajal Agarwal Genre: Drama/Action/Crime Sequel – The Lion 2 SinghamReturns (2014) Directed by: RohitShetty Written by: Farhad/YunusSajawal Starring: Ajaydeugan/Karina Kapur/Anupankar/Amor Gupt/AjazKhan Genre: Drama/Comedy/Action/Crime

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