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Dinosaur carcasses, who has ever seen a dinosaur fossil with flesh and blood?

A mummified Hadybill dinosaur was found in Hale Creek, North Dakota, USA. It belonged to Edmontosaurus and weighed 4 tons. The internal organs, muscles, skin and bones are preserved, but they have all been petrified

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The second largest dinosaur in the world?

1. Theropod

Egyptian Spinosaurus Spinosaurusaegyptiacus17 meters 15 tons

Tyrannosusaurrex15. 4 meters 14. 8 tons

Moroccan Spinosaurus Spinosaurusmarocannus14. 7 meters 11. 3 tons

Colomboo Salasaurus Oxalaiaquilombensis14. 7 meters 10. 2 tons

Rose Mapusaurusroseae14. 5 meters 12. 5 tons

Sahara Shark-toothed Dragon Carcharodontosaurussaharicus14. 1 meter 11. 5 tons

Barbarian Dragon Torvosaurus Portuguese specimen 14 meters 12 tons

Caroline Southern Giant Beast Dragon Giganotosauruscarolinii14 meters 10. 1 ton

Swift foot Delta Bender Dragon deltadromeusagilis13. 9 meters 7 tons

Huge Bahaleyasaurus Bahariasaurussalerii13. 7 meters 7 tons

2. Sauropod

Fragile Diplodocus Amphicoeliasfraillimus58 meters 180 tons

Raispul Talon Puertasaurusreuili40 meters 110 tons

San Juan Alamoron Alamosaurussanjuanensis35 meters 95 tons

Uincul Argentinosaurus Argentinosaurushuinculensis37 meters 90 tons

Duchenne Giant Chiefosaurus Futalognkosaurusdukei40 meters 90 tons

Andean Dragon Andesaurusdelgadoi40 meters 80 tons

Haislebeck Diplodocushallorum40 meters 60 tons

Giant Ruyang Dragon Ruyangosaurusgiganteus30 meters 80 tons

Zhongjia Mamen Creek Dragon meters 75 tons

Super Dragon Supersaurusvivianae35 meters 60 tons

3. Ornithopod

Huge Huaxia Dragon Huaxiaosaurusaigahtens18. 7 meters 45 tons

Wide-tailed Giant Paul Dragon Magnapaulialaticaudus16. 5 meters 22 tons

Giant Shandong Dragon Shantungosaurusgiganteus14. 72 meters 16 tons

Fan-crowned Cygnon Dragon Olorotitanarharensis12 meters 8 tons

Jiayin Charon Dragon Charonosaurusjiayinensis13 meters 7 tons

Emperor Edmonton Dragon Edmontosaurusregalis13 meters 4 tons

Benisal Iguanodon Iguanodonbernissartensis13 meters 4 tons

Connect Edmonton Dragon Edmontosaurusannectens12 meters 3 tons

Narrow Kiss Dragon Saurolophusangustirostris12 meters 3 tons

Navajo Lesser Noble Dragon Kritosaurusnavajovius11 meters 3 tons

4. Ceratops

Desert Epiceratops Eotriceratopsxerinsularis9. 6 meters 12 tons

Dread Triceratops Triceratopshorridus9 meters 9 tons

Uranus Titanoceratopsaurus Titanoceratopsouranos9 meters 9 tons

Steinoceratopsaurus Pentaceratopssternbergii8 meters 8 tons

Canadian Pachyrhinosaurus Pachyrhinosauruscanadensis8 meters 6 tons

Wide Torosauruslatus7. 6 meters 6 tons

Heinz diceratopsaurus Nedoceratopshatcheri7. 6 meters 6 tons

Utahceratopsgettyi7 meters 4 tons

Mariscoll Agujaceratopsmariscalensis 7 meters 4 tons

Small-faced noseoceratopsbrachyops7 meters 4 tons

5. Ankylosaurus

Giant Armored Dragon Enormasaurus 9 meters 7 tons

Giant Polychrysaurus Tarchiagigantea 8. 5 meters 4. 5 tons

Panoplosaurus mirus 7 meters 3. 5 tons

Desert Dragon Shamosaurusscutatus 7 meters 3. 5 tons

Long-headed White Mountain Dragon Tsagantegialongicranialis 7 meters 3. 5 tons

Dyoplosaurus acutosquameus 7 meters 3. 5 tons

Bible Cedarpeltabilhallorum 7 meters 3 tons

Kool Three Methylosaurus Saichaniachulsanensis 6. 6 meters 3. 5 tons

Long-headed Edmonton Ankylosaurus Edmontonialongiceps6. 6 meters 3. 5 tons

6. Stegosaurus

Armored Ryzen Dacenteueusarmatus 10 meters 7 tons

Armored Stegosaurusarmatus 9 meters 7 tons

Multi-thorn Tuojiang Dragon Tuojiangosaurusmultispinis7. 5 meters 4 tons

Miu’s Xilong Hesperosaurusmjosi7. 5 meters 4 tons

Narrow-faced Stegosaurusstenops7 meters 4 tons

Groove Stegosauruscatsulus7 meters 4 tons

Long-thorned Stegosauruslongispinus 7 meters 4 tons

Flat Urhe Dragon Wuerhosaurushomheni 7 meters 4 tons

Junggar General Dragon Jiangjunosaurusjunggarensis 6 meters 1. 5 tons

Long-necked Miragaialongicollum 6 meters 1 ton

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