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Details of Tai Xing Grand?

Name: PunwarotDuaysienklao Nickname: Grand Occupation: Singer/Actor Birthday: 1990-10-22 Birth: Bangkok Height: 161cm Weight: 45kg Signing Company: Libra Sisters: Grace (2004 Beauty Queen) Grant Favorite Colors: Pink, White Education: Ranshi University Marketing and Communication Competition Experience: “THESTAR5” Competition 5th Place Appeared in TV Series: “May Time Condensate” (2009) withson

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Information on Tai Xing Grand?

Name: PunwarotDuaysienklao Nickname: Grand Occupation: Singer/Actor Birthday: 1990-10-22 Birth: Bangkok Height: 161cm Weight: 45kg Signed Company: Libra Sisters: Grace (2004 Beauty Queen) Grant Favorite Colors: Pink, White Education: Ransit University Studied in Marketing and Communication Competition Experience: “THESTAR5” Contest 5th Place in TV Series: “May Time Congeal” (2009) withson

Introduction to the members of the Bang Bang Hall (with pictures)?

Chinese name: Yang Qiyu (Xiaoyu)

English name: Fabien

Birthday: 1985-07-05

Birthplace: Taipei

Blood type: AB

Height: 172cm

Weight: 60kg

Constellation: Giant Scorpion

Family member: Parents and brother

Nickname: Xiaoyu

Describe yourself: sullen

Charm part: nose

Who do you admire most: Andy Zhang

Like actors: Tom Cruise (p.s because he is also short)

likes singer: systemofadown

through Channel [V]’s show “Model Lollipop Hall”. “Xiaoyu”, who has the best temperament and singing voice, is the lead singer of the orchestra, can play the guitar, and can also write music. He is a very personalized ROCKER in the Bang Bang Tang. After joining the Bang Bang Tang, in addition to the music he is good at, dance and other skills are also advancing by leaps and bounds!

Chinese name: Liao Junjie (Xiaojie)

English name: Lil JayorBrian

Birthday: 1986-09-25

Birthplace: Taipei

Blood type: A

Height: 174cm

Weight: 60. 6Kg

Constellation: Libra

Family members: parents and younger siblings

Lucky number: 8

Nickname: Junjun Xiaojie

Describe yourself: affinity and thoughtfulness Those who are aware of current affairs are “Junjie”

Charm part: smile and eyes

Who do you admire the most: Brother Andy

Like actor: Zheng Yuanchang

Like singer: JolinM-floShinhwa

Channel [V] Program model “Xiaojie” is good at dancing. Polite, can be said to be a well-conditioned analyst in Bangbang Hall. Always concentrate and work hard on various assigned tasks.

Chinese name: Liao Yiliang (William)

English name: Willian

Birthday: 1985-10-07

Birthplace: Taichung

Blood type: o

Height: 176cm

Weight: 67kg

Constellation: Balance

Family member: Father. Mother. Me. Old sister. Grandma

Nickname: Baby Xiaobao, kinky devil, kinky worm, firefly

Describe yourself: handsome, natural, lively and cheerful, talented

Charismatic parts: nose, face, calves

Who do you admire the most: Andy Lau, Takeshi Jincheng, Wang Jianmin KOBE

Through the Channel [V] program “Model Baseball Hall”. “William”, who has the best figure and a sunny smile, always has a sunny smile that charms everyone. Good at competitive gymnastics, he is a representative of the bodybuilding school in Baseball Hall. There are endless bad jokes, which are the pistachios in the group. The dream is to become familiar with TEMPO one day.

Chinese name: Zhuang Haoquan (Aogu)

English name: owodog

Birthday: 1982-10-30

Birthplace: Taichung

Blood type: O

Height: 177cm

Weight: 62kg

Constellation: Scorpio

Family members: parents, sister

Nickname: Aogu, stinky pig, ET beep

Describe yourself: The principle of casual school is ok

Charm parts: eyes (evil) ears (large)


Who I admire the most: My mother

Like Actor: Mr. L (Death Notebook)

Like Singer: Jay Chou

Through Channel [V] program “Model Bang Bang Hall”. He resembled Edison Chen and the captain of the “Ao Dog” Bang Hall with excellent dancing skills. His dancing skills were super strong and handsome. He looked like a ruffian, but he was actually a very polite child. He always went all out in the face of every challenge!

Chinese Name: Qiu Shengyi (Prince)

English Name: Prince

Birthday: 1989-04-14

Place of Birth: Taipei, Taiwan

Blood Type: O Type

Height: 173cm

Weight: 53Kg

Constellation: Aries

Family Member: Parents and Youngsters

Nickname: Correction Fluid

Describe Yourself: Pursuit of Perfection

Charm Part: Eyes

Who Admires Most: Takeshi Kim

Like Actors: Takeshi Kaneshiro

Favorite Singer: Jay Chou

Selected through the Channel [V] program “Model Bang Bang Tang”. The aristocratic temperament and the aristocratic elegance of the youngest “Prince” are deeply favored by girls. Smart-minded, with excellent school grades, he is a humble and polite boy with a strong opinion in his bones.

Chinese Name: Liu Junwei

English Name: Linchunwei (A-wei)

Birthday: 1985-10-15

Birthplace: Keelung City

Blood Type: Unknown

Height: 166cm

Weight: 55kg

Constellation: Libra

Family Member: Parents Sister My Big Sister Little Sister

Nickname: Ah Wei

Describe yourself: Cheerful, lively and motivated

Charm Part: Eyes Height

Who you admire the most: Brother Andy


Favorite Actor: Jennifer Aniston

Favorite Singer: Jay Chou

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