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Daytime cleansing mask skin care steps?

The following is my answer. Daytime cleansing mask skin care steps are essential to maintain the freshness and vitality of the skin.

daily skin care routine clean and clear

First, moisturize the face with warm water to help open pores.

Next, take an appropriate amount of cleansing products and gently massage the face to remove dirt and oil.

Then, apply the cleansing mask, avoiding the eye and lip areas, apply evenly to the face, and leave for 10-15 minutes. Rinse the mask with warm water and gently pat dry the face with a towel.

After that, apply skin care products suitable for daytime use, such as toner, serum, sunscreen, etc., to provide the skin with necessary protection and nutrition. Finally, according to personal needs, other cosmetics can be used for makeup. After the entire skin care step is completed, the skin will appear fresh and smooth, ready for daytime activities.

What exactly are the correct basic skin care steps?

The basic steps of daily skin care, Minlan skin care experts recommend:

1. Cleansing the skin: A cleansing work once a day in the morning and evening can gently and thoroughly remove makeup, surface oil and dirt from your face.

2. Conditioning Skin Texture: Apply twice a week to help peel off dry cells on the surface, resulting in smooth skin texture and a fresh and radiant appearance.

3. Toning: Cleanse the skin again, soften the exfoliation, help shrink the pores, and give the skin a soft feeling. Wet with a cotton pad and pat the face and neck.

4. Emollient: Supplement the skin with essential moisture and nutrients to fully moisturize the skin and keep the skin soft and smooth.

5. Protection: Foundation protects the skin from harmful substances in the environment.

Six steps to wash the face correctly

1. Wet your face with warm water

2. Fully lather the cleanser.

3. Gently massage 15 times.

4. Wash the cleanser.

5. Check the hairline for residual cleanser.

6. Brush 20 times with cold water

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