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DALLAS belongs to which continent in the United States?

Dallas (Dallas) is the second largest city in Texas, an important industrial and commercial center. Located in the northern part of the state, facing the Trinity River. The urban area is 862.5 square kilometers. The population is about 1 million, and the large urban area is 297. 40,000 (1980), of which blacks account for 25%. It was founded in 1841 and established as a city in 1856. In 1870, the railway was accessible, and it gradually developed into a large wholesale market. It developed on the basis of the vast central oil fields and cotton and animal husbandry. Located in the cotton producing area, the cotton exchange was established in 1907 to provide 2/5 of the country’s cotton. In 1930, the discovery of the large oil field in the southeast suburbs of East Texas further developed its economy. After World War II, new industries emerged. The industry is dominated by oil refining, petrochemical, petroleum machinery, etc. The emerging industries of electronics and aerospace are developed, and the traditional industries such as food processing, textiles, and clothing are still quite large. One of the financial centers of the southwestern United States, where many insurance companies are headquartered. Famous oil monopoly center and cotton trade market. Road, rail, and air transportation are all very convenient. Dallas-Fort Worth Airport is a transportation hub. Opera House, Ballet Theatre, Concert Hall, Museum and other facilities are widely distributed. It is one of the three major convention centers in the United States. There are Bishop College, Southern Methodist University, University of Dallas and many other institutions of higher learning. The annual Texas State Fair is held here. Southern industrial city. Located in north-central Texas, across the Trinity River, 48 kilometers west of Fort Worth. The urban area covers an area of 8.5 square kilometers and has a population of 80,000 (1990), of which blacks account for 1/4. The large urban area covers an area of 2331 square kilometers and has a population of about 1/5 of the state’s population. It was originally a fur trading post for the Indians. It was established in 1856. It is located in the cotton-producing area of the black oilfield grassland. With the successive access of railways after 1870, it has developed into one of the main cotton markets in the country. After the discovery of a large oil field in the southeast suburbs in 1930, the urban economy further grew. During and after World War II, the rise of arms, aircraft manufacturing, electronics and other industries, the population soared, and the city developed rapidly. Now it is an important oil city in the southern United States. The crude oil produced by the large oil fields in the east and west of the city is collected Oil refining, petrochemical, petroleum machinery and other industries are developed, and there are as many as 600 oil companies with offices in the urban area. Emerging industries such as electronics, electrical appliances, aircraft, missiles, as well as traditional industries such as textiles, clothing, food, and agricultural machinery are all quite large-scale. There are nearly 3,000 factories in the city. Finance and O look for a bang

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