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Daily skin care tips?

Cleansing is the first step in skin care. Choose the cleansing product that suits you according to your skin type. But don’t over-clean. Usually twice a day. For sensitive skin, don’t use cleansing products that are too cleansing.

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Female friends who have makeup habits should remove makeup carefully after makeup. To remove makeup, you need to use professional makeup remover products. Only then can you remove the residual substances of cosmetics on the skin, and then wash the face with facial cleanser.

When using eye cream. It is not just to apply to the skin under the eyes, but to a circle of skin around the eyes. You should apply it, squeeze a soybean-sized eye cream, tap it lightly with your fingers, and massage it in a circular manner until absorbed.

Facial cleanser, water milk and other skin care products can change brands frequently. But eye cream and essence are slow to take effect. It is best to stick to it. After cleansing your face every night, you can apply essence, moisturizing essence, and you can use it every day.

Do a good job of sun protection, sunscreen, and use it in all seasons. Not just in summer. You can also choose an isolation cream and the like. Especially in the hazy weather in winter.

Exfoliation should be moderate. Usually apply the mask, usually ten to ten minutes, and then remove it before the mask dries. Gently massage the skin until absorbed. Generally, after applying the mask, you need to wash the face with water. Sleep mask, you can wash it with a facial cleanser the next morning.

Drink more water and eat more fruits and vegetables. Don’t stay up late. Generally pay attention to supplementing collagen around 28. You can take it orally. Usually make more soup, pig’s trotter soup, etc. Usually, you can do more facial massage, very simple face rubbing exercise.

Extended Information:

Skin care has become a science in modern times. People who are troubled by skin problems no longer blindly go to the store to buy various cosmetics to try, but are prescribed by dermatologists to provide targeted skin care suggestions. With people’s increasingly high pursuit of health and the rapid development of skin medicine, medical skin care products with higher safety and effectiveness have become an irresistible trend. With more women beginning to pay attention to the quality and safety of skin care products, professionals have more in-depth research and understanding of the structure and physiological functions of the skin and its appendages, more specialized research on cosmetics, and more targeted, reliable and competitive performance.

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