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Daily skin care process?

Correct skin care sequence:

combo skin care routine

Daytime: Cleanser — Toner — Eye Care — Serum — Lotion — Cream — Sunscreen — Isolation — BB/CC — Makeup

Evening: Makeup Remover — Cleansing — Toner — Eye — Serum — Lotion — Cream

Cycle Care:

Keratin: Mainly removes the old and dead skin metabolized by the skin and plays a role in preventing clogging pores.

Generally, it can be used before or after cleansing at night. It depends on the individual. Use it according to your skin type. Mixed skin is partition exfoliation. Go to the T area once a week, and the U area once every half a month. For normal and dry skin, it is generally once every half a month. For oily skin, you need to pay attention. If you have acne, you should avoid the place with acne. Go once a week. If the acne is serious, it is not recommended to exfoliate. There are also sensitive skin. If the stratum corneum of the skin is relatively thin, it is not recommended to exfoliate.

Massage milk: It is mainly to massage the skin regularly to enhance the metabolic capacity of the skin and promote the role of subsequent products! Generally, it is also used after cleansing at night. Basically keep it once a week. And use it with caution for those with severe acne and sensitive skin.

There is also a mask, which is used for life extension without further ado. Mainly use it after cleansing at night and before toner, and keep two to three tablets a week! Of course, there are many kinds of masks. The best one is that most of them are hydrating. Others

The order of use of Xiuri color repair?

The order of use of Xiuri color repair is: repair, beauty, color. 1. Xiuri color repair is a combination of skin care products, and the best effect can be exerted in this order. First of all, the use of repair cream can repair the skin and prepare for subsequent maintenance; secondly, the use of Lirong cream can lock water and moisturize and enhance skin elasticity; while the tolerable cream can increase skin nutrition and improve the skin’s self-repair ability; finally, the use of color repair serum can remove dullness from the skin, brighten the complexion, and achieve a whitening effect. 2. This order of use is also recommended by some cosmetic brands, and it has been proved that the use effect is better. In addition, when using skin care products, you need to pay attention to the specific efficacy and applicable skin type of each skin care product. It is best to choose the brand and specific model according to your specific needs to achieve the best repair effect.

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