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Curry’s height and weight?

Curry is 1.91 meters tall, full name Stephen Curry, English name: Stephen Curry. Weight 88kg, arm span reaches 208 cm. Work as a point guard. Nicknamed Little Angel. Born in San Francisco, USA in 1988. He studied at St. Vincent High School in the United States in 2005 and participated in the draft in 2009. The 11th overall pick in the first round was selected by the Golden State Warriors. After entering the team, he served as the starting point guard.

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What is James known for?

James has always been known as the chosen son, he has a strong physical fitness, thighs thick as a bucket, used to pull the car with his bare hands, physical fitness allows James to achieve good results on the field. James entered the NBA in 2003, when he entered the NBA as a high school student champion, the rookie season played a good result on the field, his talent is visible to the naked eye, showing amazing bouncing power on the field, air buckle is also a frequent occurrence.

James is also very strict on his own requirements, he will spend time every day to maintain his body, super self-discipline in daily life. James many times rely on the body to play, his play is very harmful to the body, but in the NBA 18 years, he has hardly suffered a major injury, is a rare basketball wizard.

Because of frequent training, James has developed a body of muscles, the most exaggerated is his thighs, as thick as a bucket, because of the strong physical quality, few people can defend James on the court. Once James in order to train his strength, he pulled a car with his bare hands. From the video, James can pull a car by himself, and his strength is also shocking.

James is now 36 years old, and his performance on the field is still not inferior to his peak. Age does not seem to have much impact on him. In addition to physical talent, it also benefits from his own self-discipline. Last season, James scored a triple-double in the finals, which also showed everyone his strong dominance.

Whether it is physical fitness or football skills, James is very top-notch. Jordan once said: James seems to have taken elixir. His evaluation is exaggerated at all. Acquired efforts may make up for the shortcomings of football skills, but physical talent cannot make up for it. In terms of talent, James is indeed the chosen son. He was born for basketball.

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