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Cultivation of olive vegetables in winter?

Do a good job of winter management, which is conducive to the recovery of olives, the promotion of flower bud differentiation, and the reduction of overwintering insect sources, so as to make olives have a good start in the next production season.

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1. Clear the garden in time to reduce the source of overwintering insects. Combined with olive winter pruning, prune dead branches, insect branches, and weak branches in the inner chamber, clean them up in time, and burn them in a centralized manner to directly reduce the base of occurrence of diseases and insect pests in the coming year. At the same time, it can be combined with spraying 20% of the 1000 times the liquid, sprinkling lime, brushing the trunk white and other measures to eliminate the source of overwintering insects.

2. Deep 1-2 months after fruit picking is the best, dig 25 cm deep around the canopy, overturn the excavated clods, that is, the original soil is facing down, the heart soil is facing up, the clods are not broken, sprinkle some lime to neutralize the soil acid, and winter fertilization can be combined with deep turning. Appropriate application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, more organic fertilizer, enhance tree strength, improve olive disease resistance, and promote flower bud differentiation.

3. Strengthen cold protection and antifreeze measures. Olives generally require an annual average temperature of more than 19 ° C, and an extreme temperature of not less than -3 ° C. The main antifreeze measures for olives are: ① Smear the trunk with lime water, and then wrap the trunk with straw, which can reduce freezing damage. ② Carry out a soil cultivation before frost occurs, thicken the soil layer, cover the rhizosphere with grass, and increase the ground temperature, which can also reduce cold damage. ③ Irrigation: Irrigation before severe cold can effectively reduce freezing damage and cold damage.


Controlling shoots in winter and promoting fruit in spring. Spraying with 15% Paclobutrazol 200-300 times liquid in early December can control winter shoot extraction and promote physiological differentiation of flower buds. Spraying 0. 05% borax during flowering in spring to improve fruit setting rate. Spraying 0. 3% urea plus 0. 2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate reduces fruit drop caused by freezing damage.

5. Strengthen pest and disease control. Spray 600 times the liquid copper oxychloride before sprouting, and spray it again after sprouting in spring and summer to protect the new shoots from anthrax. When the spring shoots are drawn, you should be vigilant against the occurrence of psyllid olive star chamber, which can be controlled with 1200 times the net liquid of psyllid.

Can glycerin be used as a play oil?

Glycerin can be used for dish linden root, linden seed, ivory fruit, olive pit, not for woody play, not for residual walnuts.

Glycerin is not allowed on most games. Glycerin is an organic chemical that contains chemical ingredients. Wooden bracelets prohibit water, sweat, and chemicals.

The game maintenance of bracelets is actually very simple, that is, sew a cloth bag with a towel and put the bracelet in it to play. You can play with it for a while or two after tea and dinner every day, and you can form a coating after playing for two months.

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