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Cosmetics usage steps?

Generally speaking, the steps of makeup are facial cleanser → water → essence → lotion → cream → sun protection → isolation → base makeup → setting makeup → eyebrows → eye makeup → blush → highlight facelift → lipstick. This makeup sequence can keep the face clean and clear at the same time.

two step skin care routine

Basic skin care before makeup, after cleansing the skin, you should use toner to clean and moisturize the skin twice, use muscle bottom fluid and essence to improve the skin, and use lotion cream to moisturize.

When applying makeup, first use a makeup primer or isolation, sunscreen, etc., followed by concealer and foundation to make the skin clearer and make the base makeup fit the skin better. Then come the eyebrows and eyeshadow. After the eye makeup is a facelift, improve the bridge of the nose, chin and other parts, and use a blush to modify the cheeks to make the face more complexion. Finally, apply a lipstick that matches the makeup.

After cleansing, basic skin care and makeup in these steps, you will get moist and tight skin and a good-looking makeup look.

Which skin care step is L’Oreal muscle bottom used for?

L’Oreal Muscle Bottom Serum should be used in the first two steps of the skin care routine.

Because L’Oreal Muscle Bottom Serum is a pre-skin care product, it can be used after cleansing and before softening water, which can prepare for the follow-up maintenance routine. At the same time, it can form a protective film on the surface of the skin to reduce irritation and damage.

Use in subsequent steps may affect the absorption and effect of subsequent skin care products.

On the premise of using L’Oreal Muscle Bottom Serum, it is recommended to use other skin care products of the same brand, such as anti-wrinkle, elastic, moisturizing and other products. They can be matched with each other to achieve better results.

In addition, pay attention to control the dosage and method. Massage on the part until absorbed. Do not over-apply or rub, otherwise it may be counterproductive.

Order of correct use of cosmetics?

The following is the order of correct use of cosmetics:

1. Cleansing: First clean the face to remove accumulated dirt and oil, making the skin more refreshing.

2. Toning: The use of toner can adjust the pH of the skin, shrink pores, replenish moisture, and make subsequent steps easier to absorb.

3. Eye Cream: Before applying the cream or lotion, use a special eye cream to protect the skin around the eyes and remove dark circles, fine lines and puffiness.

4. Essence: Used before the cream, it is able to provide long-lasting moisturizing and skin care effects, and repair the damage of the skin.

5. Face Cream: Using a face cream with moisturizing and moisturizing functions is the key to keeping the skin soft and delicate.

6. Sun Protection: If using cosmetics during the day, be sure to use sunscreen. Using a protective cream containing SPF or PA value can avoid the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin.

7. Base makeup: Use base makeup products such as foundation or BB cream to even out the skin tone, cover up skin defects, and create a delicate makeup look.

8. Eyebrows: Use eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder to modify the eyebrow shape and make the eyebrows thicker and softer.

9. Eyeshadow: Use eyeshadow to increase the depth and three-dimensional feel of the eyes.

10. Eyeliner and mascara: Use eyeliner and mascara to make the eyes brighter and more energetic, creating a natural and beautiful effect.

11. Blush: Use blush to enhance the three-dimensional feel of the face and make the skin look more lively.

12. Lipstick: Finally, use lipstick or lip gloss to make your lips full, moist, hydrated, and increase lip charm.

The above is the correct order of cosmetic use. Each step is very important and indispensable.

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