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cos skin care steps?

1. Cleansing the skin:

cosplay skin care routine

Choose the cleanser that suits you.

2. Toner:

Apply evenly to the face. Generally speaking, toner has the function of replenishing moisture and shrinking pores.

If not, you can put a mineral water bottle filled with water in the freezer of the refrigerator the night before, take it out the next day, and roll it on the face, which can converge pores. Rolling this ice mineral water bottle around the eyes can also eliminate eye edema. Then apply oil containing moisturizing ingredients, etc.

3. Eye cream:

The amount of eye cream should not be too much. The general standard is that one eye cannot use the amount of mung beans. The best way to apply eye cream is to gently use the ring finger in the direction from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of the eye. Do not use too much force.

4. Lotion, sunscreen and other products. Sunscreen must be applied in summer.

5. Isolation cream:

Whether you wear makeup or not, wipe it clean. It can form a protective layer between the skin and the air, which plays a good protective role on the skin, so it is important to choose the right isolation cream. Anime makeup artist reminds: Before using the barrier cream, use skin care products containing moisturizing ingredients (such as toner), and the lips should also apply the barrier cream. Whether makeup is applied or not, after using the barrier cream, makeup remover should be used when removing makeup at night.

How to maintain the skin condition when leaving cos?

It is crucial to maintain the skin condition when leaving cos.

First of all, choose gentle and non-irritating cosmetics, they can not only present the perfect makeup effect, but also reduce the damage to the skin.

Before makeup, it is also essential to do a good job of basic moisturizing the skin, which helps the makeup to fit more naturally.

Secondly, makeup remover is a key step in maintaining the condition of the skin. Be sure to choose makeup remover products that suit the skin type and ensure thorough cleansing without leaving any residue. After removing makeup, use moisturizing skin care products in time to keep the skin hydrated after cleansing.

In addition, diet and lifestyle habits are also important factors affecting the condition of the skin. Maintaining a balanced diet, eating more vitamin-rich foods, and ensuring adequate rest and sleep at the same time will help the skin maintain a good condition. In short, when you go out of cos, you can effectively maintain the condition of the skin by choosing the right cosmetics, doing a good job of makeup remover and moisturizing, and maintaining good lifestyle habits.

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