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Correct steps for skin care around the eyes?

The correct steps for skin care around the eyes should be to clean first, then hydrate and moisturize, and finally care and protect. First, use special eye makeup remover products or mild, non-irritating makeup remover, makeup remover oil, etc. to clean the eye skin, and wipe gently. Secondly, use eye cream or eye serum to hydrate and moisturize the skin around the eyes to help relieve dryness, fine lines and other problems. Finally, use eye masks or eye massagers for eye care, and also need to use sunscreen or shading eye cream or other products for protection to avoid damage to the skin around the eyes due to excessive light or other external factors. The skin around the eyes is relatively delicate, and special attention needs to be paid to care, as well as diet and rest. Eat more foods rich in vitamins and skin nutrients, get enough sleep and relax stress are also very helpful for skin care around the eyes.

best skin care routine for under eyes

The correct order and method of washing your face in the morning and evening for skin care?

Washing your face in the morning and evening is one of the important steps of skin care. The following is the correct order and method:

Wash your face: Pour the gentle facial cleanser into the palm of your hand, do not use too much, gently massage your face, and then rinse the foam with water. If you are using a functional facial cleanser, you should rinse with water after cleansing your face.

Toner: Use a cotton pad or dip your hands in toner and pat gently on the face to help balance oil secretion, shrink pores, and provide enough moisture for the next skin care steps.

Moisturizing Lotion or Cream: Put an appropriate amount of moisturizing lotion or cream in the palm of your hand and gently massage the face with your fingertips to help absorb and moisturize the skin.

Finish: Clean the face, make sure there is no residue, and finally apply skin care products and complete the skin care process.

It should be noted that people with different skin types need to choose different skin care products according to their skin type. At the same time, in order to protect the skin around the eyes, you should avoid using too hot or too cold water when washing your face, as well as avoid using irritating facial cleansers and skin care products.

The correct steps for skin care Eye cream is used in the first step?

The correct skin care sequence should be: makeup remover – cleansing – toner – eye cream – essence – cream. The smaller the molecule, the skin care products should be applied first, and the moisturizing and hydrating skin care should be left behind. Therefore, the first step is to pat on lotion or softener to help maintain the pH value of the skin after washing your face, followed by serum, moisturizer, eye cream, and finally the cream. When applying eye cream, you need to master the correct technique, otherwise it is easy to further deepen the eye lines:

1. First dip the eye cream on your ring finger, push the eye cream evenly with the other ring finger, gently press around the eyes, and finally gently massage in circles five to six times in the order of inner corner, upper eyelid, end of eye, and inner corner. During the process, gently press the end of the eyes, lower eye socket, and eyeball. After cleansing your skin in the morning and evening, use your ring finger to take a mung bean-sized eye cream, and rub the pulp of your two ring fingers against each other to warm the eye cream to make it easier to be absorbed by the skin.

2. The amount of eye cream is generally the size of a mung bean. By playing the piano, gently pat the eye cream evenly on the skin around the eyes. Focus on applying more to the lower eye sockets and the extension from the end of the eyes to the temples.

3. Be sure to use the eye cream after using the softening water, and then apply the cream to avoid the skin around the eyes. First, gently press from the bottom of the eyes, from Jingming acupoint to the end of the eyes. Then gently press from the top of the eyes, from the inside to the outside.

4. Although the effect of essence ingredients is equivalent, facial essence must not be used instead of eye cream. Use the pulp of your middle finger to start from below the brow and gently press. Then gently press along the eye sockets, from the inside to the outside. Use the tip of your middle finger to gently press the Yingxiang acupoints on both sides of the nose to promote blood circulation to the eye skin.

5. If it is not pump-pressed or independently packaged, it is best to use a small spoon to dig when applying the serum. If there is no small spoon, keep your fingers clean and cap the bottle tightly immediately after use.

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