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Correct steps for makeup at the age of 50?

Face: Use skin care products first. After the age of 50, the skin is dry and the oil on the face is reduced. When choosing skin care products, pay attention to choosing some oily ones. In addition, people of this age have coarser skin, and the base color should be slightly thicker, but to make the skin feel healthy, it is best to apply a blush. The color should be light, choose a red similar to the base color, and apply a thin layer. If the base color is too light, apply pink to the blush.

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Eyebrows: Women over the age of 50 wearing makeup should pay attention to the principle of solemnity and generosity, and avoid excessive modification. Usually, brown or black eyebrow pencil can be used for a little modification. Eyebrows, eyebrows, and the outline of the tip of the eyebrow should not be too obvious, the two ends should be shallow, and the middle should be thick, so as to show the beauty of the elderly.

Eyes: It is the key to makeup. First, you need to draw eyeliner. After the age of 50, the skin of the eyes is loose, forming a natural eyeshadow. Eyeshadow can soften the eyes and make up for some defects of the eyes. People of this age have blue, gray, green and other cool colors, and the base color can be brown, purple, yellow and other warm colors.

Eyelashes: It is not advisable to over-modify eyelashes. As for light, thin, and less eyelashes, you can apply a small amount of mascara to make it stand out.

Nose shadow: Apply light, brownish-red nose shadow to coordinate the face and make it more coordinated. The nose shadow should be light and even, and do not leave obvious makeup marks.

Lip: Lip therapy is a facial organ that can express feelings. Light red, fleshy red, and rose red are the most commonly used colors. When applying, the upper lip should be darker, the lower lip lighter, and the lip shape should be bright and clear, especially with the color of the clothes and accessories on the body.

How can the elderly take better skin care?

How to maintain

1. Drink more water

Drink more water. If there is enough moisture, the skin will be plump, lubricated, shiny and elastic. The elderly must drink 1800~ 2000ml of water every day.


How to maintain the elderly skin What are the key points of skin maintenance for the elderly Which skin diseases are prone to cause by the elderly

2. Often lie on your back

Adequate sleep and correct sleeping position are one of the ways to reduce wrinkles. The most active time for skin cell division is from 10 pm to 2 am. When sleeping on your back, the facial muscles are in the best state of relaxation, and the skin can enjoy enough oxygen and nutrients.

3. Often combing your hair

Often combing your hair can promote blood circulation in the head, improve blood supply to the head, and make the facial complexion beautiful and fair.

4. Eat less salt

Excessive salt enters the body, which can inhibit the vitality of trace elements such as iodine and selenium, destroy the skin’s gelatine, reduce the secretion function, and cause the skin to become dark, dry, and lack elasticity.


How to maintain the elderly skin What are the key points of the elderly skin maintenance What skin diseases are the elderly prone to cause

5. Wash your face with warm water

In addition to choosing the right skin care products, it is also important to keep your skin clean. The elderly should use warm water to clean their skin. The appropriate water temperature is 18 ° C -30 ° C. Rub the cleansing milk or neutral cleansing soap into a foam in the palm of your hand and then apply it. Do not rub it for a long time. Rinse it off with water as soon as possible.

6. Change the towel frequently

The towel after washing your face should be washed and dried frequently to ensure the cleanliness of the towel. It is usually necessary to change the towel every three months.

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