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Correct basic skin care steps and sequence?

1. Cleansing the face: Take an appropriate amount of cleansing milk, massage the face from bottom to top in a round way, and wash it off after one minute.

beginner anti aging skin care routine

2. Toner: Wipe the face with a cotton pad dipped in toner, which can play a secondary cleaning role. If you want to moisturize, pat it directly on the face with your hands.

3. Facial essence: Essence is divided into basic type and functional type. Basic essence mainly plays the role of replenishing water, controlling oil and adjusting water and oil balance. Functional essence has whitening, anti-aging and antioxidant effects.

4. Eye cream: It is recommended to use functional eye cream after the age of 25, and moisturizing eye cream before the age of 25. Pay attention to gentle gestures. Generally, you can tap a dozen times until absorbed.

5. Lotion/Cream: Lotion and cream belong to the same type of products. They are both used to moisturize and moisturize the skin. The lotion is more refreshing and the cream is thicker. It is recommended to use lotion in summer and cream in autumn and winter.

The correct steps for skin care and makeup?

Wash your face:

① Moisturize your face with warm water

The first thing to say is the water temperature of washing your face.

Some people are very lazy. They don’t bother to use hot water to wash their faces directly with cold water without saying a word. Some people are oily and wash their faces with very hot water at will. However, if the water temperature is too hot, if it exceeds our body temperature, it will open the pores of the skin, cause blood vessels to dilate, accelerate blood circulation, and have a certain calming effect on the skin in a short time. However, if you wash your face with hot water for a long time, it is easy to take away the moisture of the skin, causing the skin to become drier and drier, reducing the function of sebum, and even causing degreasing, which makes the skin loose and wrinkles appear. In fact, the most suitable is to use warm water, not too cold or too hot. This can ensure that the pores are fully opened without excessive loss of the skin’s natural moisturizing oil.

② Fully foam the cleansing milk

When washing your face, no matter what kind of cleansing milk you use, don’t use too much, the area is the size of a coin. And a good cleansing milk doesn’t need to be used so much. Before applying it to your face, fully foam the cleansing milk in the palm of your hand. Many people will forget this step, but this step is the most important. Because if the cleansing milk is not fully foamed, not only will it fail to achieve the cleaning effect, but it may also remain in the pores and cause acne.

Of course, the more foam the better, but don’t think that a lot of foam is good. Some inferior cleansing milk foam is also very rich, but its ingredients are very bad for the skin and need to be carefully identified. If you can’t make foam with your hands, you can also use some tools that are easy to make the cleansing milk foam.

③ Gently massage

After applying the foam to your face, gently massage in a clockwise direction and be gentle. Too rough rubbing our face can lead to increased fine lines, dilated capillaries, and even loose skin. When washing, don’t forget to wash our hairline. Many people neglect this, and hairlines will repeatedly get acne.

④ Wash the cleansing milk

After massaging with the cleansing milk, you can wash it. Don’t forget to wash the residual foam on our hairline when cleaning. If you don’t wash the foam on the hairline in time, it will cause the hairline to move back! Some people feel that they haven’t washed it properly and scrub it roughly with a towel. This is very bad for our fragile skin. You should gently press it on your face with a moist towel. After repeating it a few times, you can remove the cleansing milk without harming the skin. The towel should be washed and dried in time, otherwise it will easily breed bacteria and become a “bacterial petri dish”. If you find it troublesome, you can also use the cotton towel that has been very popular recently. It is very convenient to throw it away after use.

⑤ Wash with cold water

Finally, hold cold water with both hands to wash the face a few times, and gently apply a towel dipped in cold water to the face. This can tighten the pores and promote facial blood circulation at the same time. Only in this way can the whole process of washing the face be completed.


① Basic Care: Toner – Essence – Lotion/Cream

The function of toner is to clean again to restore the pH value on the surface of the skin, and condition the cuticle, so that the skin can better absorb, and prepare for the use of skin care products. After washing the face, pat it with toner to replenish moisture and wake up the skin.

Essence: The main function of facial essence is to whiten, hydrate and moisturize, which can really improve the skin, reach the deep layers of the face, accurately repair problems, and sublimate skin health. The essence needs to press two or three pumps of essence into the palm of your hand, apply it to the face and neck, and massage a little.

Cream/Lotion: The active ingredients such as whitening and anti-aging in the cream and lotion can be better absorbed by the skin, and lock the skin care products in the previous picture into water. Choose lotion for oily skin and cream for dry skin. Just apply an appropriate amount to the face.

② Basic primer: makeup primer/isolation

In the basic primer stage, it is recommended to choose a lighter and emollient makeup primer for dry skin. If the texture is too heavy, it will be rubbed with mud later. It is recommended for dry skin. In this way, the makeup can be more sticky without floating powder. Oily skin depends on its own situation.

③ Base makeup: foundation/bb cream/cream/air cushion

Concealer (if it is a blemish such as acne, it is recommended to foundation first and then conceal. If it is a blemish such as freckles and tear furrows, it is recommended to conceal first and then foundation)

Base makeup is the foundation of all beauty. The delicate, long-lasting and perfect base makeup has always been the most essential and picky pursuit of makeup beauties. Base makeup is mainly used to reconcile the complexion, not to cover up blemishes. If there are blemishes on the face, concealer products are recommended to make the base makeup more flawless.


Texture – Cream-like foundation has a modifying effect. It belongs to an oily formula. The foundation effect is shiny and tensile. Its moisturizing ingredients are especially suitable for dry skin and can better hide fine dry lines and spots.

Liquid foundation:

Texture – The formula of liquid foundation is softer, close to the skin, and has a transparent and natural effect. It also has a good moisturizing effect if botanical moisturizing ingredients or vitamins are added. Naturally blends with the skin tone to make the skin look delicate, refreshing and without traces. Suitable for all skin types.

Application method:

1, squeeze the liquid foundation on the back of the hand, and gently dip it on the surface with a round foundation brush;

2. There are many pores and blemishes on both sides of the nose, so first apply makeup in a round way from here;

3. On the sunken parts such as the nose and the end of the eyes, apply makeup in a round way like the residual powder;

4. For places with better skin texture such as the forehead and cheeks, it is enough to apply makeup on a large scale with the residual powder on the brush;

5. Press lightly with oil-absorbing tissue to absorb a lot of oil and prolong the time without makeup.

Loose Powder:

Texture – Loose powder is the finest particle in the “powder family”. It is naturally gentle and delicate in texture. It has almost no concealer function in itself. Any skin type can create a pink and tender effect through the lightness of loose powder.

If it is oily skin, you can use honey powder or loose powder to set makeup after painting the base makeup.

④ Eyes: Eyeshadow – Eyeliner – Eyelashes

In terms of eye makeup, the first thing to apply to the eyes is eyeshadow, and after applying eyeshadow, you must gently draw eyeliner. After painting eyeliner, the eye makeup is basically completed. The last step is the treatment of eyelashes: first use eyelash curlers to curl the eyelashes, and then apply a layer of mascara. If you are after light makeup and do not stick false eyelashes, this step is enough. If you need to stick false eyelashes, after completing the above steps, trim the false eyelashes, paste them, and then brush the real and fake eyelashes with mascara, and the eye makeup is done.

⑤ Highlights, shadows, thrushes, blushes, lipsticks:

The treatment of highlights and shadows is mainly the T area and the U area. Relevant tutorials are available online. I won’t introduce them one by one here. Then apply blush. It should be noted here that the blush should be swept from the temple to the apple muscle, not the other way around. The part of the eyebrows should choose the eyebrow powder that suits you. If you have thick eyebrows and big eyes, it is personally recommended that you do not need to paint your eyebrows, or use brown eyebrow powder to reconcile it. Lip makeup is actually very simple. If you are pursuing delicate makeup, you should start with lip balm, then trace the lip line, and then apply lip balm and lip gloss.

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