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Corgi is a medium-sized dog. Does the dog food eat royal or Bernard Tianchun?

Eat puppy milk cake or puppy food or whole dog food (see particle size), see the dog food packaging instructions, and the applicable weight range. Corgi are medium-sized dogs, but the dog food selection is generally divided into small dogs, medium and small dogs, and a few are classified as medium-sized dogs. My family has only eaten Newton T28 and Bernard Tianchun small dog food. It depends on the budget. If you can accept the price of royal crown energy, don’t eat royal crown energy. You can buy imported food with a little money. Cheaper and domestically produced Bernard Tianchun. Spend more money on dog food, buy better food, eat good health, and don’t get sick easily. Beginners remember, don’t buy any pet nutrition and health products casually. They are all IQ taxes. If you want to make up for anything, ask your dog friend doctor to do more homework.

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Two-month-old Teddy, how many dog food do you eat at a time? Royal A2 dog food?

Calculated at 3% of body weight, because two-month-old Teddy has a different weight. Generally speaking, most of them are one and a half catties, which is 1.2.5 kilograms, 0.75 kilograms, which is 750 grams, and 3% is 22. 5 grams, 60 capsules at a time. Don’t increase it again. Many people only feed 40 capsules a day on the Internet, although it is easy to enter the hospital.



Dogs eat as much as they want. If they eat too much, they will have diarrhea. My family has indigestion at the beginning, and they vomit and have diarrhea. They are still looking for something to eat.


Since your family has more than 60 capsules at a time and will not have diarrhea, it is recommended that you change it to 70 capsules a day. Dogs are not afraid of hunger, and they will become bigger with blisters. Don’t get used to it again. Well, the book says so: to avoid acute diseases such as gastric dilation.

Overeating is more harmful to puppies. Due to the weak digestion ability of puppies and the poor control of satiety and hunger, it is more likely to cause satiety, which in turn causes acute gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, and even life-threatening.

, it is recommended that you still count 22.5 grams.




Teddy, who was just full moon, weighed only half a catty, and bought the weaning milk cake of the royal small dog, but not……………

It is more appropriate to feed such a small Teddy four times a day, four times in the morning, middle and evening before going to bed. Before feeding, soak the dog food with boiling water, and there is no need to pour the water.

The feeding amount is based on the weight of the dog. The daily feeding amount is 3% – 5% of the weight. Your Teddy baby is 250g, and the total daily feeding amount is 7.5g – 12.5g. And constantly adjust according to the weight gain. In addition, make sure that the water that the little Teddy drinks is clean and hygienic, preferably the owner’s drinking water. Also pay attention to keeping warm!

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